Digging To China

We have, at the back of our house, an area called “The Cat Cage”.  I guess it really should be called the “Animal Cage” as it is designed to keep all the animals safe on the off chance we are away or at night.  There is access from this very large area to the house via a large cat/small dog flap which surprisingly Milly still fits though.  The entire cage (which is the width of the house and eight metres long) is fenced with small mesh and planted with whatever I can find.  There is also a door leading to the garage at the opposite end of the cage.

This area, which seems to be under renovation for ever, has the fish pond in it, the dog box – not that they use it very often, and a smaller cat cage on the off chance Jess needs to be contained in a confined area.

It has the hot water service at one end and a path running though it so you supposedly don’t get muddy feet when walking to the house.

It was here that we decided to put in a large Plastic tub (think medium coffin size – yes I know that’s morbid but that’s how big it is) and run the water from the kids shower and bath into this pit.  That grey water could then be pumped out onto the garden hopefully keeping a few more plants alive.

Now i have to tell you there isn’t a whole lot of room in here for manovering large machinery or any kind of machinery.  Ashley and I just knew the ground would be rock hard where we wanted to put the pit – so he borrowed this little baby excavator from a friend.  Ohh and it did fit through that door way you see in the middle of the photo – with room to spare I might add.

Thank heavens we were able to borrow it as it  was really, really, really hard dirt just below the surface.  Could be why I haven’t had loads of success in growing anything there.

Ashley had to concentrate really hard to not only miss taking out the mesh fencing in front of him but also not to run into those posts behind him.  Trust me I stood near him (supervising…..roflmol) while he was working.  It was hard work!!!  Just be grateful you can’t hear what he was muttering under his breath…vbg.

Look how hard that ground is.  Anyway job was done – the last few bits on the sides that wouldn’t let the pit sit in there properly I scraped/dug/hacked at with the shovel until everything fitted the way it should.  No photos as yet of the finished pit – I’m still waiting on my friendly plumber to come back and connect it all up for me.  Ashley got a pump and that part should work ok – now it’s up to the plumber who will hopefully be here next week to do the job.


4 thoughts on “Digging To China

  1. What a cool idea Catherine, you guys are so clever at coming up with ways to save water. We put in water barrels this summer (inspired by your blog) but given the amount of record rainfall didn’t need them that often but I did save quite a bit of water using them on the days it didn’t rain and the plants were drooping. It’s amazing how much water you can go through. You don’t get an idea when it’s coming out of the hose but when you’re lugging it by hand/pail or you’re watching the level go down in the barrel then you realise how much it takes. It’llbe interesting to see how much is collected from the showers and baths in the plastic tub.

    I’ve also used your idea of saving half cups of water left over on the kitchen counter to water my indoor plants.

    Now if only more people read your blog…

  2. I love that little digger. I could use it to revamp my poor vegetable garden…….or do I just leave it to weeds and call it a wild meadow…lol.
    I am tempted by those high beds you get with oval corregated iron……but am not sure I would like them and the bed was laid out with sleepers. Maybe time for an overhaul and a some bales of something with dirt brought in for on top and a sort of slightly higher than now no dig effort. At least my handyman is back ..he left in April so some long overdue weeding will be caught up with.
    Oh dear how I miss being able to kneel.

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