Life As I Know It

I seem to have been taking an unexpected blogging break – all without meaning too.

Life (as always) is frantic.  The kids are back at school but now Elise is coming down with a cold the result of being caught inthe rain and hail that arrived the other day.   The rain was needed – a classroom that was open was also needed as her entire class got caught outside cause the teacher was running late and the room was locked.  End result she is now home tucked up in bed asleep.

No crafting is happening…sigh but my sewing room is semi clean so as soon as inspiration strikes I can get back in there.

The garden is surviving – just!!!  Vegies were planted on Sunday and looking fabulous after the rain.  Mulching has stopped for the moment – I need to prune some more before I can continue.

Ashley is still frantically busy and it looks like I will be working with him again either the end of this week or early next week.

Some excitement last night as Nicola’s teacher rang and asked could I go on their Grade 6 Melbourne Trip at the end of this month.  There has been a change of dates for when her class goes and the helper that was going now can’t.  Trust me long and complicated story.  End result is that because I already have a “Working with Children” thingy (courtesy of an earlier excursion) I get to go. I had volunteered earlier in the year but they had enough helpers and didn’t need me.  I was disappointed but that’s the way it goes at times.  Now I do get to go and I’m soooo looking forward to it.

Last Friday and Saturday was Show Day here in sort of Sunny Swan Hill.  An annual event as Country Shows are.  I have to admit though the show is definately not like it was when I was a child.  It was so much bigger then – and that’s not just from a childs perspective either.  Lots more rides, lots more machinery.  The Pavillions were full of craft, cooking, flowers, plants, vegetables etc.  It really was a whole day (if you were in a hurry) or a two day event to see it all. Now everything seems to be on a much reduced scale – to the point we had seen everything and the kids had had their rides in two hours and we headed home…..just as the rain started to fall.  There was some excitement though.  Elise entered two photos and won a first prize for this photo of Ajax………..

and then discovered she had also won first prize for her ceramic wall which she made in 3D Art this year, sorry no photo of that.  Ohh and who ever set up the ceramic display put her wall upside down and she still won so work that one out.  So guess who was doing the happy dance all the way home…vbg.  After all the excitement and keeping an eye on two teenagers (one of Elise’s friends came with us), one nearly teenager as she is fond of pointing out,  a 9 year old boy and my Mum I came home and had a Nanna Nap to recover…lol.

Right I had best go and hang out washing and check my muffins. I’m attempting to make some that are more like the store bought Muffins that we can pop in the toaster.  So far so good.  Hopefully I’m now back in the blogging swing and can continue.

One thought on “Life As I Know It

  1. Good to hear from you again although truth to tell I’ve been just as bad at blogging.

    Sad about the fair but probably a typical happening now-a-days. I think there were a lot of events like that, that were major social happenings back then. People are busy and with things like TV and computer, the world comes in to them and they don’t feel the need to go out. Plus most stuff is pre-made and bought so I’m not sure how many even have the skills to enter certain contests.

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