I need a life

It’s quarter to four in the morning and I can’t sleep.  So what do I do when I can’t sleep – I sort out receipts.  Well at least I did this morning.  There was a bucket full of them.  I used to be so good at keeping them under control.  There was a clip they hung on until the credit card statement came so I could tick them off.  Everything I spent was recorded in my folder.  I knew what I spent and where.  Well I had to do it .  We were on such a tight budget for soooooo long that it was a case of be organised or else.  Thankfully those days are behind us and there is now a little leway in the spending side of things.  Of course because there now isn’t so much pressure financially I let things slid – especially sorting out receipts.  Honestly I need to be organised again.

It’s a bit like when I used to bake all the time.  I enjoy baking. I enjoy seeing the family eat wholesome home cooked food and lets face it there’s nothing nicer than a bit of homemade cake or biscuit with your morning cuppa – even if the waist line doesn’t appreciate it.  Life has got so busy that I have passed on most of the baking of treats to the girls – not that they mind but I miss it.  It was another thing I did for sooooo long.  Baked everything – bread, sausage rolls, made my own hamburgers.  Casseroles are only made from scratch, pies lovely and golden baked by these hands.  I have slacked off dreadfully and I know it.  I’m not saying we eat store bought stuff all the time – I’m too picky for that – but I do miss my baking sessions.   On the plus side I did manage to bake Friday and partially stocked the freezer ready for school to start again.  Maybe next week I will manage another baking session and slowly get ack into the swing of it all again.

At this stage I’m not even going to mention the housework….shudder.  It’s holidays I’m allowed to slack off….well that’s my excuse.  Actually the housekeeping has moved outside instead. I spent part of yesterday morning mulching a  garden bed all thanks to my new mulcher.  It was so much fun – unfortunately the hayfever I had for the rest of the day wasn’t.  At least at this point in time (3.50am to be exact) the drippy nose and itchy eyes seemed to have stopped).  Some chives and garlic went into the new vegie garden last night.  It was very pleasant out there.  Ashley sat on a chair and watched me work, typical, while I sipped wine and planted and Elise cooked the chicken wings on the BBQ.  Bliss.

On the crafty side of things I have the backing of three quilts done.  No batting cut as yet – but I will do all of that in one hit – much easier on the knees and back as I have to lay the roll of batting on the floor in order to work out the sizes.  Another quilt has had it’s borders put on – a ufo which has been there for donkey’s years so it’s nice to get it out of the road.  Hopefully today I will get the backing sorted out for that as well. The fabric stash is reducing at an alarming rate but I’m determined not to buy fabric.  I will use what I have no matter what.  If I repeat that often enough maybe I will believe it.

Still no photos to share. I have been taking plenty but Ashley needs to find me a decent photo program so I can down load them.  I need to put all the photos that are currently on the computer onto a disk too so they can’t be lost should the computer throw another hissy fit.

Ok off to make a cuppa then to crawl back into bed.  I hope your weekend has been and will be a good one.

Early Morning Hugs



6 thoughts on “I need a life

  1. Hi Cath,
    Don’t be too hard on yourself, having met you, I know how hard you work at everything.
    You amaze me, how much you do get done..your allowed to slack off sometimes..
    Love your OTR quilt

  2. You have been very busy and at this time of year the planting takes priority over housework and cooking. There is always something that gets in the way of the stuff you want to do.

  3. Hmmm, thought I had an unusual comment time for you-considering you are not somewhere in the US!! Not sleeping is the pits…I reckon it all comes when you don’t feel like you are quite managing everything as you like, I am very similar,so my advice is enjoy the weather, treat the hols like hols and remember no-one ever died from a not completely organized home! Tracey

  4. Thank goodness it is not just me who feels a little unorganised at the moment and not managing the things I used to be able to!!! If I thought it meant I would get something (even if it was receipts ) under control a sleepless night may be worth it!! Hope you are sleeping better now.

  5. Someone has already said it – not sleeping is the pits. 😦

    So now is probably not the time you want some smartie giving you software advice, but I will anyway. Then at least you know I am out there. I use Windows Explorer all the time to download photos off cameras, everywhere. Not brilliant for editing them etc, but wonderful to download. Just plug the camera in, poke around in its innards until you find the photos, copy them and paste them where you want them. The best I ever did it was in the middle of flood devastation, copying vital photos off a wet camera onto my laptop, perched on a 44 gallon drum. Then took them away and they went on the front page of the paper. Haven’t found a camera yet I can’t get them off that way – just poke around in it. I wouldn’t do it any other way now.


  6. Oh dear I wish I could be motivated to sort papers and receipts when I am wandering around at 4.30 AM
    I do drift in here and sort fabric in a vain attempt to find the cutting table.

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