Here in Spirit

I’m here but I’m not.  Guess you’re well and truly sick of reading that by now. Sorry about that – no truly I am.  I wish I was more organised and had lots of things to post about but nothing seems to be working the way I want.

Saturday was spent at Sea Lake watching Ashley race or at least trying to.  The wind and dust blew straight towards the spectators and we all ended up looking like we had instant sun tans.  Yuck!!!!!  I had to wash my hair twice to get out all the dust and I wasn’t game to throw my dirty clothes down anywhere other than the washing machine or we would have been smothered by the dust cloud that came off them.  Ashley’s racing did not go well.  The car ran dreadfully and he broke another part.  Trust me it’s expensive business this racing game.

Sunday was spent building the new vegetable garden on a much smaller scale than the old one and hopefully way more manageable.  There were heaps of photos taken but as the computer decided to throw a hissy fit Sunday afternoon I’m not able to load them.  In fact at one stage Ashley thought we may have lost everything.  Problem was solved and he bought a “thing” that will enable us/him to store everything on all five computers (yes we have five) in case something happens to any of them.  Time will tell if it’s successful.  I don’t mind losing quite a bit of stuff – but the photos are precious and I want them saved no matter what.  Now he has to look for a new computer program to download the photos which I can also operate.  Decisions, decisions.

School hols have started and the girls and I celebrated by having a looooong lie in and a read of a good book or two this morning.  James decided he just had to watch tv – no probs son – just don’t annoy me until I crawl out of bed.

There isn’t anything crafty happening much.  The centre part of my Chunky Churndash quilt is assembled and looking really good.  My goal is to have the Churndash quilt, Old Tabacco Road, Bricks and Stepping Stones and one other quilt (as yet undecided) all ready to quilt with backing and batting all sorted and just sitting there ready to go by the end of the holidays.  I loathe getting backings ready for quilts.  Why I don’t like the process I don’t exactly know – but it just bugs me possibly cause I have to piece so many bits of fabric together to get the backing piece big enough.  I know I could buy wide backings but I’m still on the “use what I have” kick and will remain that way for a while or at least until the stash is down to a reasonable level once again…..vbg.

Ashley, James and I are driving to Melbourne tomorrow to pick up a Scissor Lift that Ashley has just bought.  It’s an all terrain type (ie it can go on rough ground or outdoors) whereas the one we have at the moment is only suited for running on concrete. It will be much safer for Ashley when he has to work outdoors which seems to be happening a lot lately.  James is comming cause he thinks he might get McDonalds at some stage – possibly for lunch. Ashley and I want to take him just to give the girls a break as they had to put up with him on Saturday while Ashley raced.  As much as I love my kids – sometimes it’s just better to seperate them….vbg. I should mention that we also want to spend time with him and James has generously offered to teach me how to use his Brain Training Game on his Nintendo DS.  I think he just wants to see if my brain age is older than his…..sigh.


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