Good grief where has the week gone.  It’s Thursday already but I still don’t seem to be catching up.  Never mind.  Today is the day where I have already vacummed and washed floors and will think about the ironing and perhaps get around to a little sewing.

I just have to show you the shed Ashley and I worked in on Monday.  It was a day of extremes.

Extreme Fruit Packing Shed…..

Trust me this was only one tiny corner of it.  The big white part – no not the work van – is one coolroom.  There are two more to be added to where the van is sitting plus there was at least another two (that I could see) behind me.  Throw in the packing equipment, storage for the boxes etc the fruit is packed in and a tea room, toilets, offices etc and you are getting some idea.  This is fruit growing/packing on an extreme scale.

Ashley told me we would have to pull 5 – yes FIVE – lots of cable that were 95 metres each in length, over the coolroom in the top photo, around the edges of the shed to the main electrical board.  They were extremely heavy cables.  Now I’m wondering just why I didn’t get a photo of them?  The coils they come on were so heavy I couldn’t lift them and even Ashley was struggling.   Anyway he neglected to mention that I would have to climb this ladder to the top of the coolroom!!!!!  Hasn’t he worked out yet I’m not good on ladders.  I’m particularly not good on ladders when I have to climb on a cool room that is the height of my house roof (the outside height that is, not the ceiling height)???    Good grief you would think after 16 years of marriage he would know that by now!!!

The end result of the total look of fear on my face was he generously offered to use the ladder himself and to let me have the scissor lift.

Very kind of him I’m sure…vbg.  I can handle heights in the scissor lift.  There is a nice safe platform to stand on, plenty of bars around the edge to hold onto and best of all I get to drive it…..roflmol.

It took all morning to pull the cables around where they had to go.  It would have been quicker but we had to go around a 90 degree corner and the cables kept getting caught on the shed posts – so Ashley had to climb that scary ladder, hold onto a beam with one hand and pull the cable with the other as I pulled it further along.  Not an easy job and I kept my eyes on him just in case he fell.  I might add the cables had to be pulled around the shed walls at the height of the cool room no lower.

Most of the afternoon was taken up with holding the cables in place and working out where they had to go in the main electrical board and where the other sub board was to go.  Tuesday I had to go out to the shed again to help him put in the sub board – a matter of cutting a hole in the shed and sliding it in and screwing it in place.  Like all of the best laid plans it never works that simply and it took some time before it was all in place.

This is just the beginning of this job.  The coolrooms are starting to be built on Friday and we will have a heap more work there before the job is completely finished.

I must admit though that it was a good day Monday to be doing this job.  The weather started out fine, then the wind started, then the rain (not that there was much of it) then the dust, then more rain and wind and dust and the cycle went on.  We were nice and dust free in the shed with the massive doors closed although there were times when I began to wonder if the shed roof would lift off the wind gusts were so strong.

So there you have it – see I have been busy and not just taking photos….vbg.  I hope you week was a lot less uneventful than mine.


4 thoughts on “Working

  1. Rachel stole my words I was going to say “what a massive job” as well. As far as the heights are concerned you’re not alone. I can manage a step ladder but that’s about it. Just sitting in the living room watching TV with someone up high on the screen gives me fits.

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