Busy, Busy, Busy

Could someone please tell me where the weekend or even last week went????  It’s frantic around here so posting may be a little sporadic for a few days/weeks.  Only one more week until the kids are on school holidays.

I have survivied Elise’s parent/teacher/student interviews.  She had a good report from all the teachers we saw which is all I was hoping for. Certainly they all said unless she does a major nose dive or really stuffs up there is no way she will fail Year 9 – Yipee!!!

The rest of Friday seemed to be spent in the car running kids around to various activities – but what those activivites were I can’t actually remember……old age must be creeping up.  I had both Nicola and James home as well due to a student free day – Nicola spent the day in bed however as she was ill.  James on the other hand was fighting fit…..sigh.

Saturday was the big 50th dress up party.  I have taken photos of our costumes.  Ashley’s – considering he only thought of it at 11 am on Saturday – was a real hit.  Party was excellent.  Lots of food, lots of drink and a really fantastic WARM evening.  The weather was stinking hot and it took until 11.30 pm for it to finally cool down.  We didn’t need the jumpers we took for “just in case”.

Sunday was spent resting.  I gardened Saturday ie shovelled dirt from one pile to another and have stuffed up my neck again resulting in massive headaches and feeling like crap.  Lots of nanna naps are called for…vbg…and I have been having them along with reading a very good book.  I did manage to repot some succulents today as well which was nice and they look sooooo much better in their new pots.

Monday I have to work with Ashley again pulling huge wires through trenches for a new cool room so I guess that will be an all day job.  Lovely – not.

I will post again when I can.  Hope everyone had a lovely week/weekend and enjoyed themselves.



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