Spring Has Sprung

The weeds have Riz,

I’ve mowed the weeds….aka the lawn,

The Galahs are out in force and driving Milly nuts.  She can’t work out why they won’t fly down to her level so she can get them.

The first rabbit of the month has been seen sitting in the pergola by the sand pit and speedily despatched by the Rabbit Catching Dog aka Ajax.

I’ve cleared the last bits from where the new vegie garden is to go.  Did you know an axe is an excellent way to remove a stubbon plant?  Who would have knows…..lol.

The Roses are putting on their brave new leaves – all greens and reds and simply delicious.

The Red Geraniums and flowering bravely despite the severe lack of water.

The Red Camillia (can you tell I have a thing for red) is so loaded with flowers I’m worried the stems will break.

My house is clean – sort of.  There is even fresh chocolate slice for afternoon tea.

Four Chunky Churndash blocks are assembled all ready.

The Washing is dry, folded and put away.

Good grief does this mean I’m organised?????


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. I think you ‘are’ organized. I am woman hear me roar.
    Don’t be too efficient though or they’ll expect it all the time. Just kidding.

  2. Catherine, pardon me for emailing here but the dratted outgoing emails will not go. I have awarded you the Kreativ Blog. Can you check mine to see what it’s about.
    I’ll be in touch asap.

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