Three Quilts and counting

Obviously it really pays off to do no housework, ignore the children and basically hide in the sewing room as I managed to finish three quilts by Monday afternoon.

Old Tobacco Road is now done and ready for quilting.  James has claimed this as HIS quilt.  I started to ask him if he would like it -didn’t even get the whole sentance out and he looked at me strangely and said “Of course it’s my quilt Mum – who else would you make it for?”  Well I can’t argue with that logic so onto James’s bed it will go.  I used hand dyed fabric in orange/rust tones for the outer border and of course me being me peiced way more strips than I needed – so now I will have to find another project to use them up in.  Won’t that be a shame….roflmol.  Now I just need to sort out backing and quilt it.

On Saturday I pulled out heaps of hand dyed fat quarters in these pinky purpley tones to make another of Bonnie’s Quilts – “Bricks and Stepping Stones”.  This is the end result…vbg.  It sort of grew, and grew, and grew a bit more cause I really wanted to use all the fabric not just some of it.  Might I add this is a fantastic way to use up fat quarters.  The stepping stones are white and the black “bits” are black and white fat quarters – another hoard in my stash cupboard partially used up.

Originally I was going to use this quilt as a Housewarming present for friends of ours.  They are building a brand new home and have no end of trouble and I thought this might help welcome them into their new home.  Ashley wasn’t sure – I think the colours put him off a bit, to be honest I wondered if they were “right” as well.  As a result of the size (and the colours) we ,in otherwords “I”, have decided to make them another quilt.  I’m drawn to another of Bonnie’s patterns “Chunky Churndash” in very scrappy colours.  What do you think?  Opinions please.  It will be a more a lap quilt than a single bed size which is what Bricks and Stepping Stones grew into.

Nicola has claimed this quilt.  She declared that if James was getting a new quilt for his bed then she should to.  As it happens the colours in it go very well with the colours she has in her room – pinks and purples.  Funny about that…vbg.  Nicola has been told however that she doesn’t get to use this quilt (even when it’s finally quilted ) unless she has finished piecing the quilt she is making.  There are only the borders to do – a simple piano keys border – but she keeps putting it off in favour of using the computer.  Hopefully this quilt will provide enough incentive to get hers finsihed.  I have even promised she can quilt it herself on the gammill if she just gets it done.

Finally here is Mum’s Christmas present – all finished.

This is the little quilt that I had so much trouble with.  The one where I had to cut down all the blocks except the middle one as the cutting directions were wrong.  Arrrrr.  Anyway it came up really well in the end.  Lots and lots of changing thread colours when I quilted it as I really wanted the quilting to be the background and not really obvious.  I had to baste the backing, batting and quilt top together, load it onto the gammill then quilt from the very centre out as I was terrified it would stretch all out of shape and ruin it.  It worked!!!  Yipee!!!  Now it’s done and just has to be wrapped.

The other good news is I have caught up on the housework, done all the washing, ironed – yes don’t faint from shock, baked biscuits, shopped and in general got myself organised.  You know it’s all so I can ignore everything again and go and sew don’t you…vbg.  Actally I had better get on with rustling up some costumes for the 50th Birthday party we are attending on the weekend.  We have to go as something starting with “B” .  I going as a bag of Bread Flour and James is……..wait for it……unless he changes his mind……..a Bag of Lollies.

Have a lovely day.


8 thoughts on “Three Quilts and counting

  1. Who can resist when our child makes such a sweet statement. Even if the quilt had been for someone else, it would have to be his, and you’d be up late sewing another. Love all three quilts, and the Chunky Churndash is another beauty.

  2. Wow, you have been one busy quilter! They all look great. Is the one you made for your Mum a lap quilt or a tree skirt?

    I have been looking for tree skirt ideas so that was my original thought when I saw it. Either way, it’s beautiful and I am sure she will love it.

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