Old Tobacco Road

I’m am so doing the happy dance right at the moment.

Last night I finally finished sewing all the rows together on my Old Tobacco Road Quilt that is a Bonnie Mystery Quilt.

I confess that houswork has been sadly neglected since I started it last Saturday and the house clearly reflects this.  The kids have learnt to fend for themselves as each time they popped their head into the sewing room I would be frantically sewing four patches together – there were only 182 of them or worst sewing pinwheels together – at least there were only 96 of them!!!!  As much as I love Bonnie’s quilts I will admit to muttering her name in not the most complimentary of terms as I sewed them.  All is forgiven now though…roflmol.

This quilt should be called the Many Machines quilt. Part way through the Janome started to make horrible grinding sounds.  I cleaned and oiled it and it still made horrible sounds.  I swapped to the Elna.  It wasn’t sewing properly…..in fact if I had been sewing curves it would have been ideal as the fabric kept pulling in one direction.  A clean and oil there solved the curving problem but it didn’t cope with trying to sew multiple layers that are pinwheel blocks.  Arrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to the Janome I go (crossing fingers, toes and anything else that could or could not be crossed) and it worked.  No grinding sounds, sewed beautifully and I finished all the blocks.

It was a bit of a pain laying out the quilt though – my new sewing room isn’t quite big enough to the extent I started looking at the roof wondering if I could have a second story on it………..then I thought of the look on Ashley’s face if I mentioned that I would like an upstairs part of this sewing room and shelved that idea immediately.  Problem solved – just layout half the quilt (but double each of the patches ) and sew them together that way.  Doesn’t make sense – trust me I didn’t understand it either but it worked….vbg.

At least now the hardest part is done. Bonnie did say she would post instructions for a peiced border but I’m going for the simple look.  A 1 inch wide cream border followed by a 3 inch wide rusty brown border.  It will then be big enough to fit nicely on James’s bed – I just hope he wants it…vbg.

I love the colours I used – funny about that…lol.  They aren’t my ususal style but now I’m casting around for ideas on how to use more of those colours as they are very rustic to me.

Right off to dish up lunch. it’s been a busy week with sewing, a trip to Bendigo shopping, grocery shopping here, op shopping for outfits for the 50th birthday party which is a theme night – you have to dress as anything starting with “B” and helping Ashley did a huge hole in the cat cage for a pit.  More details on that later…..after all I wouldn’t want to spoil it by revealing our construction efforts too soon.


4 thoughts on “Old Tobacco Road

  1. I love your quilt and the colours look great. I’m really glad I didn’t try to attempt it. Talking about the machines and the thickness of the pinwheels – I have visions of my old Kenmore bogging down on the joins and me going insane. I keep telling my husband that I need a new machine and he just gives me that look.

  2. Your OTR is wonderful. I haven’t started mine yet, but I will get to it eventually. You must have been having a pinwheel marathon. I can’t imagine that James won’t love it. The step 5 is posted now, are you tempted by all the geese?

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