If anyone had told me that one day this sweet and innocent (and very well built) baby boy…..

……would one day morph into this drill wielding, muddy footed, dirty boy I certainly wouldn’t have believed them.

To be told that on Sunday 31 August he would turn 9 was just as big a shock….but 9 years old James is.

(I can’t remember when this photo was taken but trust me he has changed even more since then).

Where did the years go?

What happened to my baby?

When did I get so old that I’m the mother to a 9 year old?

Time apparently moves on regardless of how much I want to stop it and hold my baby close.  It’s a good thing he still likes giving his Mum kisses and hugs and tells her how much he loves her….or I might think my baby really has grown up.

James had his party with six friends on Friday – talk about noise and confusion – but they all had a ball.  Even Elise had fun until she suggested that it be boys (7 of them) verses girls (3 of them) in a football match.  By the time three small boys held her down to wild encorgement of their friends – Elise decided that it wasn’t so much fun after all.  She had the mistaken belief that cause the girls were bigger than the boys they would win – I didn’t bother telling her it just wouldn’t work out that way.  Somethings teenage girls need to learn for themselves…..wicked grin.

Sunday was a quiet family day – mainly due to the fact that James received a Nintendo DS Lite for his birthday present from Ashley and I and if the girls wanted to share in playing it they had to be nice to, and quiet, for him otherwise he wouldn’t share…roflmol.

All in all it was a lovely weekend with lots of rain thrown in and a very happy BIG boy who had fish and chips (from the shops) and cheesecake for his birthday tea.


One thought on “James

  1. Forgive me but I’m laughing at the “When did I get so old that I’m the mother to a 9 year old?”

    Wait til your my age and he’s 19 😀 and as old as you get he’ll always be “your baby”.


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