And The Winner Is………………

…………..Drumroll.  (well imagine me beating on the table sort of in time.) …………………

Elise did the honors and wasn’t even disappointed that her name wasn’t in the draw….vbg.

Rachel from Four Wise Monkey’s is the winner of the give away.

Rachel’s comment was…

“Your sewing room looks great.  4 kids and a house that needs reno’s so no sewing room for me.  The dining table is it,  but its best when I’m doing some stitcheries on the couch in front of the tv when all the kids are in bed and the work is done.  Nice!”

Yep been there done/doing that type of lifestyle for me. Just one less child though – altough I think three dogs more than make up for the missing child…roflmol..

Congratulations Rachel – I”m emailing you shortly and as soon as I have your snail mail addy the parcel will be on it’s way. Hopefully it helps to warm up these cold and cloudy days we are having.

If you haven’t seen Rachel’s blog before – pop on over.  It’s stunning and I always get so much inspiration from it.

Thank you everyone for entering the competition. I now feel my sewing room is well and truly christened…vbg.  Ohh I do love these giveaways.  Now to think of a reason for another one.




3 thoughts on “And The Winner Is………………

  1. Thank you Catherine! I’m thrilled. Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my blog too. I reckon that three dogs are as much trouble as kids too, so we stick to one pet rabbit :). I’ll drop you an email with my address. Thanks again – yay!!

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