Can’t Talk, Busy Sewing

It’s absolutely pouring with rain outside, the wind is straight off the ice somewhere and I’m still recovering from James’s 9th Birthday party with six small 8 and 9 year old boys so as you can imagine I need to start another quilt like I need a whole in the head……but I couldn’t resist beginning this one.

Bonnie has a new Mystery Quilt out – It started yesterday here in Australia (today for those OS) and I couldn’t resist it…vbg.  Old Tobacco Road..…………..isn’t the name just yummy???  Actually in the end I’m not totally sure what tipped me over the edge and made the decision to begin it.  Was it the name???  Could be.  Is it the colours that Bonnie is making her quilt in???  Very possibly.  Could it be I have a stash that needs using up???  Silly question – of course I do…vbg.  Could it be that just cause it’s a Bonnie Quilt I know it will work fine and I will love it – of course it is.  How silly of me not to know that.

Regardless of what it is that started me on the road to another quilt I am making progress.  Still working on step one but I nearly have enough two patch peices sewn and cut to make the four patches I need – all 182 of them!!!!   I know a lot, but they are so cute.  Greens and neutrals so far and quite a bit came out of my 2 inch scrap bin which is now slightly depleted – yay.  Step 2 is up already but I will get to that one when I get there.

Ok off to sew somemore.  We have an engagement party tonight of very dear friends to attend.  It was supposed to be an outside event but I’m not sure what they are going to do now it’s raining.  No doubt the resourseful Steve will come up with some plan or other…vbg.  Either way Tania told me not to eat today as there is going to be sooooo much food.  Considering how good a cook she and her sisters are – I believe her…vbg.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Talk, Busy Sewing

  1. I’ve been following Bonnie’s blog since you posted the link for the Orange crush quilt and I’m tempted but I have soooo many other things to work on still and I know that by the time I have another look she’ll probably have all the steps done and what can I say I’m weak I’ll look ahead.

    I did order 2 yards of some beautiful orange material from “thousands of bolts” to do the orange crush quilt so I’m torn…and then there’s all that Christmas fabric I bought to make stockings and tree skirts. I bought it so I could work on them over the summer, lol, like that happened. So much to do, so much to do. Today it’s working at the weeds in the garden for me as I’ve put that off for so long. Then washing the window screens, then canning the tomatoes in the garden, then…

    I’m going to live vicariously through you…you go girl!!! 🙂


  2. I’m doing the OTR quilt too, but have only gotten the fabrics together, haven’t gotten started yet. Have a nice time at the party, hopefully the weather won’t spoil anything. Here in Florida USA, we’ve had rain all day, too.

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