Is my Give Away hitting an all time low???

The best thing about having a give away is checking out all the new people who leave comments in the hope they will win and having a sticky beak at their blogs (if they have them).

Imagine my surprise when I found this comment on my blog this morning……….

“hi my favourite place to sew is in my lounge room in our sorta newish massage chair. its so cosy in front of the window near the fire place. i love it. the best thing is i can leave as bigger mess i want and it doesn’t effect anyone…lol and no one copmplains…
sozz i made a heap of mistakes…”

A perfrectly innocent comment I hear you ask.  Well yes it is – except it’s from my Number One daughter Elise who also proclaims (very loudly I might add) she doesn’t sew.  Now I have to wonder just why she is entering this contest.  Could it be as an attempt to win a Christmas present for her darling Mother?  Kind of defeats the purpose of a Give Away if I get it back at Christmas time.  Could it be she has changed her mind and decided she does like sewing after all?  Could it be that she wants it as a gift for her friend Belinda who’s birthday is approaching fast?  Or what is possibly more likely she has a free period at school and nothing better to do but leave comments on her mothers blog.

Hmmmm rest assured I have sent an email asking her just what is happening regarding all this.  Yes I sent an email – I’m more likely to get a reply that way – knocking on her bed room door and asking generally gets me ignored.

Ohh and for those wondering I think it slightly unfair if a member of my family wins this wonderful prize – so no Elise (if you are reading this) you won’t be in the draw……and yes I do complain when you leave mess everywehre and that’s my Massage chair you’re sitting in – so get out of it!!!!!!!!!!  Rest assured everyone else who has left a comment you are defintely in the draw to win.

Ok so having solved that mystery now I’m off down the street to sort out another mystery – the one that involves eight and nine year old boys and what they would like to find in goody bags at a birthday party which happens to be tomorrow so I had better get my behind into gear.

Chat to you all soon.



6 thoughts on “Is my Give Away hitting an all time low???

  1. LMAO! Forgive the language 😀

    Hey, at least she’s reading your blog, which I can assure you my kids wouldn’t be caught doing so the way I see it you’ve come out ahead.

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