Groceries, Cakes and Hair Appointments

Wednesday is generally my shopping day – and so today I ventured down the street.  Nothing remarkable I hear you ask.  True – just the basics – groceries, mail etc.

I did find part of Ashley’s Father’s Day present from the kids.  They are looooong on ideas and short on money this year so each had the thought (apparently indepentant of each other – yeah right) that they would tell me what they wanted to give Dad and I would buy it.  Dopey me of course agreed.  It consists of several parts and will all be in one present.  No clues are going to be given either in case he reads my blog….waving at you Dear.

I did get Elise’s hair and face stuff she wanted.  Good grief teenage girls need some stuff.  I can’t remember needed all that when I was a teenager – mind you as I age it takes more and more to just kind of maintain life as I knew it.  Stop laughing you lot.  I did see (as I was hunting the shelves) a product for your hair that gives you (supposedly) the just walked out of the sea, stringy, sandy hair look that is, according to the packaging, the New Rage.  I have to wonder and as I don’t go for the just walked out of the sea – more likely fell out – I didn’t buy any.  It  didn’t offer a guarantee that by using it I would miraciously acquire a tan (a safe one that is), loose 15 kilos and actually look good in a t-shirt and shorts (I wasn’t aiming for looking good in a bikini – that would be expecting too much) so it remained on the shelves.

I did make a hair appointment for myself to hide the greys – yet again.  We have an engagement party to attend Saturday night ( child free – not that I’m doing the happy dance) so I need to look semi reasonable.  Although according to the weather forecast it is supposed to be raining and I defy anyone to look good in a rain coat and holding an umbrella.

I did remember to buy some more birthday candles for James’s 9th birthday party this Friday.  While checking out the comments left for my Give Away I found this blog and these fantastic Icecream Cone Cup Cakes.  I am just going to have to try these for James’s Birthday Party.  I can really see 8 and 9 year old boys being right into them and even if they aren’t this Mum surely is.  I have never seen cakes made like this before – yes I know a deprived childhood – but my adulthood will be all the richer for attempting them.  Come on fess up – who else had cupcakes like these as a child.

I haven’t done the washing and the ironing can defiantely wait.  The kitchen is a bomb site and Ashley will be home shortly for lunch – which as usual is not organised.  The sewing room is calling me.  I have no idea what I want to make next but I’m darn sure that it will be fun to find out.

Ohh I must say thank you to all who have commented on my Give Away.  It’s so much fun checking out all these new blogs and reading about where everyone sews.  The dining room table seems to be a winner so far and the bedroom comes in second.  What no one hides in the bathroom to sew in peace???  I am surprised….roflmol.

Have a lovely day



One thought on “Groceries, Cakes and Hair Appointments

  1. I remember trying to make those icecream cup cakes once. Somehow I managed to melt the icecream holders while they were baking but then again that may have been way back when, when the inherited oven baked at 50 degrees hotter than I realised.

    At some point something I read or saw on television clicked and I went out and bought an oven thermometer and realised “Oh thats why my bread always burned on the outside and was uncooked in the middle”. I never was a rocket scientist.


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