Celebrating A New Sewing Room and a Give Away

Finally I have found time to upload photos of my new sewing room.  I love it.

It’s small.

It’s intimate.

It’s cosy.

It’s Mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gammill now resides permanently in the Rumpus Room. Don’t mind the stuff on top of it.  I will get around to finishing sorting it out eventually.

I can have things set up the way I want, my music playing.  A heater going for when I need it.  Plenty of daylight and best of all a door I can shut when I want to hide from the family.

Yes i know I can hear you all saying – “But you had that before and the room was bigger”.  Well I know it was, but I just loooove this room.  Can you tell?

It’s my idea of a sewing room – light, airy, and full of creative energy…..although that maybe just the remnants of James’s energy I can feel.  Either way each day James has made a point of asking me “Do I like my new sewing room?”  Of course my answer is “Yes”.  “Ohh good”, says James “cause I’m not giving up my new room for anyone.”

Sorry should have made his bed before taking the photo.  The stuff/treasures/crap that are lying around are the usual fixtures and fittings of my sons room.

So in honor of my sewing room room and cause I’m full of crafty ideas at the moment I decided on a Give Away.

Yes a GIVE AWAY……..you read that right.

The following goodies will be sent to one lucky winner………

A bag, just the right size for putting your latest project into.  A Heart Needle case – which I guarantee will hold all the needles you want it to and more.  A Camel Scissor Fob. I have one and he is soooo cute – this one is even better.  Three fat quarters of my hand dyed fabric. They co-ordinate so you shouldn’t have any trouble adding them to your stash and last but by no means least – a skein of Edmar Iris thread in greens.  Iris is (from my wonky memory) about a 2 ply thread, perfect for stitcheries and with a sheen that is amazing.

So there you have it.

I’m so excited about this give away……………does it show I wonder….roflmol.

All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me where is your favorite place to sew.  Your sewing room, the front porch, in bed, hiding in the bathroom???   Come on – fess up.  A winner will be chosen at random next Monday, September 1 2008,  and I will announce it either Monday or Tuesday – depending on how organised I am.


39 thoughts on “Celebrating A New Sewing Room and a Give Away

  1. Catherine, I too, took over my sons bedroom the day after he moved out!! If someone comes in there, I just say…”welcome to MY world!!” Debbie (Maine) USA

  2. I like your new sewing room as well, good thing James thinks he’s getting the better end of the bargin 🙂

    My favorite place to now sew is my daughter’s old room (she’s since moved out). I need to put new carpeting in it but I have repainted it in lemon yellow with white trim accents. I have my sewing machine and serger in there plus a folding table on which I do all my cutting and stuff. The closet holds a lot of my sewing supplies and bed linens.

    The only drawback I can see is that I let my husband persuede me into having a double bed in there so it serves a function as a spare guest room. As far as I’m concerned it just takes up MY space. Oh well, at some point I’ll have a true crafting room that’s just for me. I use the bed as another surface area to toss my stuff on along with a few stuffed animals.


  3. I love your sewing room. How great to have a room specifically for you to sew in. I sew in the dining room on the dining table. This is not an ideal situation but it’s the only one for now. One day, I’ve promised myself a sewing cabinet, so everything will be kept tidy when necessary and I can leave it open throughout meal times. BTW I came across your blog a while ago whilst looking into CQ. I do like your tutorial on CQ postcards, it’s on my favourite list. Thankyou for that.

  4. Great sewing room!

    I would LOVE to sew in a spacious, country setting with a skylight window and nature all around me.

    But, for now – I make due with a little corner of my husband’s and my bedroom, which also serves as a laundry folding center, a dog paper commode (we inherited my Dad’s Chi – she has her corner and I have mine), another dog who sleep’s on my husband’s side of the bed (thus; his corner), and it also serves as a place for my daughter to sew and leave a mess for me so I won’t be bored with my life.

    There are 2 corners left; the room is shaped like an “L” and there stands our dressers – you know; those silly things one would never dream to put in a bedroom!?!”

    All in all: I found it isn’t always WHERE ones sews; but rather, that one CAN sew ANYPLACE, or that one can even SEW AT ALL! (I manage, though!)

    God Bless! – Adrienne

    God Bless! – Adrienne

  5. Catherine
    I love your sewing room. I have a sewing room too but it is small, very small. It’s got to the stage where I can hardly move in it. It really needs re-designing. I inherited it from my daughter and I still have her cupboards on the wall and her small wardrobe (which I must say is ideal for my fabric). I would really like the second bedroom but now we have granchildren they often come and stay so can’t use that.
    My favourite place to sew is the living room with the radio on. I just love handstitching and my armchair is ideal for the purpose!


  6. Oh, a real sewing room! I haven’t EVER had one of those, but I’m keeping my good-karma fingers crossed for the near future- should my family and I ever finish unpacking from our last move, I SHOULD have a corner in our downstairs guest room where I can set up the sewing machine and fabric PERMANENTLY.

    Well, permanently until Uncle Sam moves us again! 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  7. Beautiful room! My favorite place to create is my sewing studio that my husband renovated for me. It was a spare bedroom, but he built counters, cabinets and oak shelves around the room near the ceiling for my bear collection. Plus he put together a great shelving set up in the closet for fabric storage. All I had to do was paint the room and move in! Mary

  8. I am so jealous, my sewing room is a tiny bedroom that I can barely turn around in, maybe someday…..
    It may be small and crowded but it is still my favorite place, I can close the door and close out the rest of the world.
    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

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  10. Your new sewing room looks very happy and usable. I sew in my daughter’s old room. My son moved out a couple of years ago, and I am expanding into that room as well. When my husband replaces the carpet with wood flooring, I will move in there and use it as my sewing room. I may need to give up the other room to my husband, but that’s okay.

  11. Your sewing room looks great. 4 kids and a house that needs reno’s so no sewing room for me. The dining table is it, but its best when I’m doing some stitcheries on the couch in front of the tv when all the kids are in bed and the work is done. Nice!

  12. I love sewing in my studio but for hand work I love sitting on the back porch in an andriondak chair my dad made for me… Pam P

  13. Hey, Love the new sewing room. Pink and Purple are my favorite colors. Nice bag too. Well done Pls pop me in the draw, Thanks Deb.

  14. Congrats on the new sewing room! I took over our formal living room and made it my sewing room. No one used it, and I was tired of dusting it for nothing, so all the living room furniture is now stored in the basement and I have my own wonderful world there! Entrance requires special permission….giggle!

  15. Nice room. Love the shelves beside your sewing machine. My room looks to be smaller than yours. It’s like a maze to get around in. Need to downsize. Would love to be in your give a way.

  16. Great sewing room! My sewing machine is set up in the nook of my bedroom, so that’s where I’m at when I feel like sewing. Then, you can always find me in the evenings or at odd ends at one corner of the sofa to do some handworks…. or I’ve been known to set up my machine at the kitchen table just to spend time with family and sew. :o)

  17. I found you via Jeanne’s blog and so glad I did, another Aussie. Great sewing room. I suppose my favorite spot would have to be in my rocking chair, (no not a granny) with hand stitching to keep the hands busy.

  18. All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me where is your favorite place to sew. My favorite place to sew is my sewing room. I have a mention of it and pictures on my blogspot. I love your site. I found it by googling “selvedge quilts” I have a big bag full of delvedges and was looking for a great pattern or ideas.

  19. I’m so jealous and happy for you! I want a sewing room too!! Currently I just sew in our family hall. It’s so messed up! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  20. hmm i don’t really sew but my mom does and she would LOVE to win those goodies : ) she usually sews outside on her porch

  21. hi my favourite place to sew is in my lounge room in our sorta newish massage chair. its so cosy in front of the window near the fire place. i love it. the best thing is i can leave as bigger mess i want and it doesn’t effect anyone…lol and no one copmplains…
    sozz i made a heap of mistakes…

  22. great new sewing room. I love to sew in my sewing room at my great sewing machine armoire. I am in the process of moving it to my son’s room with 4 wonderful windows. Unfortunately I broke both my elbows right after the painting got done in June and am doing no sewing or putting the room back together. I can’t wait to get in there and sort and fold and sew.

  23. You’re so lucky to have your own sewing room! All I have is a small table in the living room but most of the time I enjoy sewing on the couch in front of the tv!

  24. Loved seeing your sewing room
    HEY its yours and no matter what the size of it , isn’t it fun to have your own creative space! My favorite place to hand applique and hand quilt is in my living room in a wing back chair.
    Its cozy and a peaceful space. I have a big basket next to it that everything is stored in ready for the next time.
    All my machine sewing is done in my sewing room another wonderful place to be as long as I keep it neat and tidy!!!!
    I love the wonderful gifts you made for your giveaway. The heart needlecase would be perfect for my living room sewing basket 🙂 Someone is going to be a very lucky winner.
    Had to laugh that your daughter would enter the contest too!!!!

  25. Hi, I love your sewing room. I have set up my machine in my walk in wardrobe/closet. When I’m not sewing it tucks away in it’s cabinet under the shirts hanging up. Then when I do sew I pull the cabinet out and presto changeo the closet becomes a mini sewing room. It may be cosy but it’s quiet and I’m not disturbed and best of all everything is within arms reach.
    Take care,

  26. I love your new sewing room and it’s so nice and neat. I love my sewing room, too. I sew in our combination extra bedroom sewing room, and I don’t really mind sharing with the bed, I use it for my design wall, and as a place to stack stuff when I need to use another space where I have stacked stuff. Somehow, lots of stuff comes with quilting.

  27. Lucky you having your own room and being able to shut the door and the world away!!!
    I have a “part” of our sun room which unfortunately is the room that everyone enters the house in but it might be a good thing as it MAKES me keep it reasonably tidy – but too have my own room – maybe just a dream!!!

  28. Congratulations on your new sewing room! I use a small spare bedroom that I just finally reorganized and decluttered so that I can get down to some serious sewing. It was such a mess, that I had to drag my machine into the dining room to sew. Your new area looks like it will inspire you to new heights of creativity. Enjoy!

  29. My sewing room is shared with the computer and hubby’s “stuff”. I love it though because the room is right off the kitchen and has french doors that stay open all the time (I’ts a room converted from part of the garage) I feel like I’m close to where the kids are and I’m not being neglectful of them. I love doing handwork in the car on long trips, or on my bed with the TV on!

  30. I really liked your sewing room. I have sewing machines all over my house. One in the kitchen, one in the living room. Two sewing machines and a serger in my bedroom. I am trying to get everything in my bedroom.But I have got to get a lot of my fabric stash out of the bedroom and compact things.It will take time but I will get it done somehow. Sandy Fox USA

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