I’m here again but I’m not.  Story of my life lately.

Spent all day yesterday changing beds, scrubbing bathrooms and washing and I swear every time I walked out of the laundry all the dirty washing breed like rabbits.  I think I’m on the last of it today and there is no way on earth that I’m going to look at the ironing basket.  The fairies might come and do that for me.

In the few free moments I have had (ie when I shut the sewing room door, turn up the radio and ignore all frantic pleas for food, clothing etc) I have been working on my gifts for the Secret Santa Swap organised by Chookyblue.  I’m having so much fun – I just hope my swap partner likes her gifts as much as I do. There is a “logo” (is that what you call it) in my side bar.  I managed to get it there but now can’t work out how to reload a bigger photo so it shows clearly.  Any help with that would be appreciated.

I’m also working/playing with making things for an upcoming give away.  Details as soon as I’m organised.  The last one I held was so much fun that any excuse will do for another…vbg.

Today He Who Is All Things Electrical has commanded (begged nicely) for me to come down and help him pull conduit and wires though trenches which basically means I will come home absolutely filthy and feel like my arms have been pulled off.

Right off to hang out another load of washing….groan…clean the kitchen and hopefully get some time to sew before I get summoned to help.

Have a lovely day.


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