The New Gates

So I’m in the new sewing room and while some crafty things are happening – there are also a few disasters which I am trying to fix as quick as I can. Actually some looked like monumental disasters but waste not, want not it’s amazing what you can make with quilt blocks that don’t quite do what they are meant to do. Shall I just say curves and I do not have a happy relationship.

So for your viewing pleasure………….or if you are in sudden need of a nap cause they may be that boring to some…………..I am posting photos of the new gates.

Looking down the drive towards the shed, Mum’s house and all Ashley’s “treasures”.

Buzz and Ashley worked really hard – just look at the concentration on Ashley’s face…vbg. It’s a hole for heavens sake – how hard can it be???? Buzz by the way thought it was wonderful working at our house. He had only just unloaded his tools and was called in for a cuppa. I was bribing him with cups of tea to do a good job…..not that he wouldn’t anyway……to much of a professional.

The dogs were not impressed about being locked inside and not allowed to join in all the excitement and activitiy.

Whoo hooo the concrete arrived. Now we are getting somewhere.

More concentration and we thought everything was going very well until Buzz and Ashley discovered (after the concrete was nearly set) that they had put those green posts on the wrong side of the string line. Men!!!! Never mind it was an easy thing to fix, just move the fence slightly. Ohh and that white pipe you see – it’s the strorm water pipe from the house – they dug through it!!!!!

Finished. Two days, lots of hours of hard work and even more cups of tea – although the fellas did tell me that the cuppa James made for them on Saturday was more like warm milk……roflmol….the gates are finished.

Look they open!!!!

Look they close!!!!

Anyone out there???? Tap, tap, tap….is this thing on?? All gone to sleep yet???? Only one more photo to go then you can tuck yourself in under a nice warm quilt…

See last one like I promised. Looking from inside out. Note the bit of mesh on the bottom. No the gates aren’t upside down – that’s so the dogs (on the rare occasions they are allowed out here) can see who is pulling up down the drive. Milly has to lie down to see out – but she’s ok with that.


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