The Front Door

Eekkkk two posts in one day – what on earth is happening. Could it be I’m back into blogging???? Could it be that I just have to share photos??? Could it be I’m trying to avoid the washing, cleaning, housework thingie that should be happening in my house???? Either way more progress has been made on the renovating side of things.

Our front door is pretty average I would say. There are no signs that say “Enter at own risk”, or “Beware the children bite”, or my personal favorite “Enter and prepare to help with housework”. Despite the lack of signs and the fact that the front door is in fact at the front of our house……………no one seems to use it. This was fine while we were just us – but now we are running the business from home it’s not so fine.

The number of time we have looked up from the kitchen bench (no we weren’t doing dishes – we were just looking at them) and found people actually standing inside our back door is becoming a bit scary. Even more scary is when I get a phone call checking our address only to be told that the caller is actually standing in our shed checking out all Ashley’s treasures. It had to stop – hense the gates that have been prominently displayed in the previous post. Ohh and I’m assuming by this time you have woken from your nap which you had to have after reading the last post and have fortified yourself with a cuppa ready for more blogging/gardening adventures.

I had been toying with ideas on renovating the front door area to make it a bit more atractive. Well sweeping it was a start…..roflmol. Then I decided that I really needed to extend the concreted area with some nice pavers that had a welcoming tone to them.

That and the fact that they were freebies from somewhere and I love the colour and shapes was enough to convince me that they were just what the front door, and me, needed.

See I told you Elise would be head down, backside up working hard to pay off the ipod and docking station…..roflmol.. Might I add I loooooove this photo and if I didn’t think she would seek some kind of horrible revenge I would blow it up to poster size and hang it on the lounge room wall.

Blasted girl now she’s just showing off. If I posed like that on the Kanga I would fall off!!!

All done. It really didn’t take all that long to do in the end – especially with two of us working hard. The pots I have had for ages and they have sat there neglected and unplanted for at least two years. The plants in them I bought at the same time – but by happy coincidence the plants had multipied in their pots and I had several plants to put in each big container. Funny about that. Rearrange a few succulents in pots (did that after I took the photo), sweep off the dirt and give everything a good water and we were done.

Even the front parking area had a good clean up by Ashley and made a little bigger so now there is no excuse for not parking there.

In the end people are using the front door (cause they have no choice) but I think the only one who is truly admiring the new entry is me……sigh.


6 thoughts on “The Front Door

  1. It looks great, I’m very impressed. Your gate looks nice too. I believe in privacy, I’m glad you’ll be having some.

  2. I also like the new look for the front of the house. I also like the colour of your house and the roof, it goes together quite nicely.

    Yes I’d be uncomfortable as well with people prowling around where they’re not supposed to so if that’s the main reason for the new gate it’s money well spent.


  3. Hard work does pay off. Your new entry is lookig great! I must say, I do love those two big containers you have.

    Is that a metal roof? We are seeing more and more metal roofs in our town. DH and I are interested in them for replacement when it comes time to reroof.

  4. WOW talk about night and day and a very “inviting” front entrance!!! Love those gates too! You all did a great job!!!

  5. My handyman said to me one day….
    have you thought of painting this front porch.
    Well it was less expensive than other alternatives and looks good.
    Made me think that you could paint the grey area behind the new laid bricks/tiles, the same color as the new pink ones.
    mine is a sort of terracotta pink to match the house which is rendered.
    Just passing on the thought

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