Maureen’s Birthday

Now I have caught up on the moving side of things – details and photos soon – I really must tell you about the weekend Birthday Party we went to for Maureen of Crazy Q Stitcher fame.

It was Maureen’s 70th Birthday on Saturday and we were invited to her party which was being held in Melbourne at her daughters house.  Can I just say it was one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen and the view of the bay was just magnificent.

Mind you the view was nothing compared to the lovely warm welcome we received from her family and of course Maureen who really didn’t think we were coming.  I deliberately left out mentioning that fact in any of my emails to her…wicked grin.

It was one of the nicest parties we have been to for a long, long time.  So casual and relaxed and apart from knowing Maureen and Graeme and one of their daughters (they have several) we fitted right in and found several people to chat to.  I got to meet both of Maureen’s sisters – who are both so like Maureen it’s scary…vbg.

The food.  Darn I wish I had remembered to take the camera.  You should have seen the food!!!  Beautifully presented, all home made and lashings of it.  Tiny pastries of all descriptions, sushi, scones with jam and cream and a beautiful three tiered stand full of cup cakes all decorated with cream icing and beautiful icing flowers.  Gorgeous.

There were silver (and I do mean fancy silver) tea pots with all sorts of tea – Earl Gray, Irish Breakfast – the works plus coffee (and not that instant stuff) all served in the most exquisite floral cups and saucers.  I have a few of those kinds of cup, saucer and cake plate settings and seeing how nice they looked for a party I am determined to find more.

The birthday cake was something out of this world.  It was the only thing not home made as it was a gift from one of Maureen’s sisters.  Imagine this………and a warning you may want to lean back from the key board so you don’t drool on it…………a six inch high chocolate sponge cake, filled in the middle with cream and cherries.  Decorated on the top and sides with lashing more whipped cream and grated chocolate.  Then to top it off there was at least (according to Maureen’s DIL and myself) another kilo of chocolate that had been scraped into large chocolate swirls and artfully arranged.  Honestly my mouth is still watering at the thought of it.  Even though it was a bought cake – it still tasted home made so where ever it was purchased from is a darn good bakery.

We didn’t leave the party which was “High Tea” until 5.30 and got back to Bendigo around 8 pm.  By then we were hungry and exhausted. Stopped in a motel for the night and did some shopping in Bendigo the next day. Nothing crafty at all – there was nothing in Spotlight that said “Buy Me” which is strange.  I did get a new compost bin though for the new vegie garden, one plant – a succulent, checked out some DIY wood flooring in Bunnings which we think will be ideal for the lounge room as the carpet is really to revolting to stay there any longer.  Bought printers for the new computers the girls received Tuesday and Ashley scored a new mouse for his work computer and that was it.  I’m not to stressed on the shopping bit.  Elise and I are going back to Bendigo in a week or so for a girls day out so I can imagine there will be plenty of shopping and looking and ohhhing and ahhing done then…vbg.  We were home by 2 pm Sunday afternoon and back into the swing of work and school well and truly by Monday morning.

3 thoughts on “Maureen’s Birthday

  1. Sounds like fun-I want the cake!
    thanks for the carpal update, apparently my problem is stemming from back-shoulders-hands, so the surgery may not garner the results you got, but is still a possibility.
    Sorry to here you are being poked and pummelled, I have had similar issues myself lately, my new motto is, “don’t let the turkeys get you down”, but it aint easy!! Tracey

  2. Sounds like a wonderful outing thanks for sharing it with us. All the talk of food is giving me a flashback to the shower I just had for Jen and the glorious food her sister made including all deserts and a huge cake, which coincidently had cherries in it as well 🙂

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