Moving Rooms

Thank you all for your lovely kind comments of support.  I’m feeling much better and putting myself first for a change which is helping enormously.

I may still be absent from blog land for a bit longer.  Today I started cleaning James’s room so he could be moved into my sewing room and my sewing room into his room and the rumpus room.

Sounds strange I know but trust me I win in the end…vbg.  The rumpus room will hold the gammill and any over flow from James’s room aka the new sewing room which I might add is lovely and light and I have been wanting it for ages – just James wouldn’t give it up.  He gains my large (former) sewing room including two wardrobes and lots of shelving for his treasures and is super happy.  Actually James would be over the moon if he got the TV from the rumpus room too – but that’s not going to happen in my life time….roflmol.

Good grief I have just read that last paragraph and I’m not sure it makes sense.  Maybe I’m in moving over load.  If we ever decide to move house someone throw a very large brick at me please and point me to this post just so I remember how much work it all is.

I thought I had treasures/crap/stuff but that is nothing compared to what James has.  Note I used the past tense as much of it has gone the way of the bin…..doing the happy dance…and I managed to get it out of the way before he came home and saw just how much I did throw out.

There is still the gammill to move – a big job as it has to be pulled apart them reassembled – plus sundry other bits and pieces of furniture.  Maybe I can finally really start sorting out the new sewing room.  There is stuff on shelves already but whether that becomes the final home for each piece remains to be seen.

I’m way behind on blog reading but hopefully I will catch up soon.

Take care



3 thoughts on “Moving Rooms

  1. Having just cleaned and sorted stuff I can imagine how exhausted you are. My arms still ache so take care of yourself and don’t do to much at once.


  2. Wow, what a big job. I always think it is worth it when you get more room though. Hopefully you can take your time and not overdo. The only one in a hurry is probably you.

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