Not Quite Here, Not Quite There

It’s been a rocky week.

I had big plans of chatting/showing off the new gates – posted the photos to flickr and that’s about as far as that plan has gone.  Pop over there if you need a sneak peek – the link is in my side bar.

Each day I have planned some crafting – that hasn’t happened.

I didn’t plan for the six trips a day down the street which take up way to much time and even more of my patience…..but they happened.

I didn’t plan to go back down the street and meet Ashley for coffee this morning – but that did happen and thank heavens it did.  It was a truly bright spot in my week.  I love my hubby – have I told you that before I wonder?

I didn’t plan for all the stress I’m under and the emotional roller coaster I’m on at the moment – but life happens to the best of us.  At the moment it’s all I can do to hang onto my sanity and not let others (not my hubby and kids I might add) pull me down.  Life will get better and I’m sure there is light at the end of the tunnel – I just can’t see it yet.

If posts are far and few between, and I hope that doesn’t happen, you will know I’m busy trying to find my sanity.

In the mean time I’m keeping up with your blogs and they are keeping me inspired, laughing and happy.


The Slightly Insane One aka Catherine.


3 thoughts on “Not Quite Here, Not Quite There

  1. We’ve been there done that. I finally posted today after about 3-4 weeks so don’t feel to badly about being busy, life happens.

    Wishing all the best in the coming days and any time you feel you need to vent don’t hesitate that’s what friends are for.


  2. Hi Catherine,
    I’ve been thinking about you, I read this yesterday, but wasn’t quite sure what to say. I still don’t, but I know that things will get better, life has it’s cycles. Just cut back on what you can, blogging included, unless you need to do it as a release, and do what you can and let the rest go. Sometimes the ones we love are the cause of our stress whether it’s their fault or not, so it may become necessary to remind yourself that they are important, but so are you. I probably haven’t made much sense, and may be way off the mark, but I hope that you can just step back a bit until things get back to normal. If normal is stressful, sometimes even that can be changed.

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