Cutting Directions

I started working on Mum’s Christmas present the other day.  It’s a small quilt/table cover that I have had marked for a while in a magazine that has been residing in my bookcase.

A lovely simple quilt, Christmas themed, just right for decorating Mum’s round table in her dining room.

It was easy to cut out – I followed the directions exactly…..

…..the middle block worked and I was quite pleased with it.

The second set of blocks worked………….

…………and looked really cute with the appliqued Christmas Trees on them.

I thought the third set of blocks worked well too….

….sewing the pieces together to make the blocks was a breeze.

The problems began when I wanted to sew all the blocks together into the quilt top.

The only block that was the right size was the middle block.  All the other were too big by up to an inch.  I checked the cutting directions again and I had cut them right.  The directions must be wrong.  Now I admit while it is possible I stuffed up I am sure it is the cutting directions.  There is nothing more annoying than thinking you have done it right only to find that you must cut up to an inch off each and every block (apart from them middle one that is) and you get to see all that wasted fabric.  Arrrrrr

The quilt top is now together and I’m hoping that I might get it loaded on the gammill and maybe even start quilting today.  Time will tell.  I also have to supervise Ashley and Buzz while they install the new gates at the side of the house…..vbg.  After all men only work well under supervision…………….don’t they???


5 thoughts on “Cutting Directions

  1. the blocks sure are pretty, but it’s a bummer that the directions weren’t correct. I’m anxious to see the finished table cover, I’ll bet it’s a stunner.

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! Did you at least keep the scraps? If you aren’t a scrap quilty kind of person you could have had a sacrificial burning of them to appease your anger!

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