A Tiny Bit of Crafting

You know when you have big plans to achieve all sorts of things but nothing really works according to plan?  I had one of those days.

I was going to pick up some furniture with Mum from the Croquet Club that we bought at a recent garage sale – the lovely, wet, magnificent rain prevented that from happening.

I was going to have a quick trip down the street to grab some groceries since everyone (except me cause I’m trying to loose weight) says there is no food in the house.  It ended up taking me far longer than I thought.  I’m sure the rain bought everyone out and down the street so they could comment to each other what magnificent rain we were having.

I did not plan a second trip down the street to buy Elise’s Ipod – which she will pay me back for either in money or plain hard work….evil grin – and which she desperately wanted needed .  Actually one of the big chain stores had a really good deal on Ipods and a docking station which miracles of miracles has an alarm and clock radio in it so now she has no excuse not to be out of bed in time for school and since she has been saving hard we helped her – but it’s just a loan and has to be paid back..  Right Elise, you are reading this aren’t you dear.

I did plan to make some progress on something crafty. I have no idea what but that was the plan – instead I ended up at Mum’s for a cuppa and we started planning the new fence for her yard.  It will be a while ages before it’s built –  but hey you have to start somewhere….right?

So finally tonight I managed to not only set foot into the sewing room but also make something.

It’s an Ipod cover courtesy of the Tutorial by Made by Petchy

It was so quick and easy – just a bit of quilting cotton, felt and a scrap of ribbon.  Too easy.  The hardest bit was working out where to put the buttonhole for the headphones but Petchy even covered that part…vbg.

Now I might just have to make one for myself for my MP3.  I did suggest by the way that I should keep and use the new Ipod for a while………..just to see if I liked it only to be told I was too old and wouldn’t know how to turn it on.  Can I just say for that remark Elise will be head down, backside up weeding furiously on the weekend and if I thought I wouldn’t have heart failure at the cost of another Ipod I would buy an even fancier one just to show her I can turn it on.

Off to read my new book – The New Years Eve Quilt – another in the Elm Creek Quilts series.  As it’s really cold outside snuggled up in bed with a hot chocolate, book and no MP3 cause I forgot to charge, it might be just the thing.


3 thoughts on “A Tiny Bit of Crafting

  1. Sounds like a typical type day, usually there is a roadblock or two. I have a real visual in my mind of your daughter weeding. The ipod cover is so cute that I bookmarked it, just in case I ever get an ipod. They would make cute Christmas presents too, if you knew the sizes.

  2. I had one of those days yesterday as well…come to think of it…I usually have those type of days where nothing seems to get accomplished.

    Shopping chores seem to suck up such a disgusting amount of time.

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