Another Needlecase

Yes I love needle cases – I admit it.  I couldn’t resist making this one though.

I had a bunch of threads all bundled together that I had found in a basket.  Lovely cream, browns, and two shades of green that just went beautifully together and I kept wanting to use them in something.

While at Maureen’s she was working on her latest “Take it Further” challenge which Sharon of In a Minute Ago is running.  Now I have looked at this challenge numerous times and been very tempted  but haven’t actually succumbed to the temptation of the challenge,  too much else on I guess.  So I made myself a challenge.  To use those colours that are in the threads and only those colours and make myself something useful.

By the way you can see some of Maureen’s TIF efforts in this post.  It really is quite inspiring to see Maureen work and how she does things.

I tried a bit of everything on this it seemed.  I haven’t done much in the way of colonial work – so that was the first thing to be played with.  Even a bit of crewel work was popped in.  Don’t look at the butterfly by the way – he/she/it went a bit demented.

It was nice to know I could still do bullion stitch (rose left hand side) and I even experimented in using three threads rather than my usual two.

The inside has two pockets.  The green one is for my quilting thimble, while the cream pocket (partially hidden) holds the spare packet of quilting needles.  There are only two “leaves” of felt as I didn’t really need any more.  Ohh and I have removed those pins and sewn the bottom together by the way.  Just wish I had thought of that before I took the photo.  : – (

Milly was model again – not that she seemed terribly interested at all.  I think it was just a bit too much for her.

After all that I checked out the latest colour chart for August’s Take it Further Challenge and I just might have to play.  Like I need another project.


3 thoughts on “Another Needlecase

  1. I’m glad you took up your own challenge for the small needlebook. The result is lovely and the pocket idea is excellent.

    The colours have worked well and the stitching patterns I really like.

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