Hugging Trees

Our Racing on the weekend at Moyston went very well.  We stayed at a lovely little caravan park at Aarat for two nights and travelled to the track on Saturday.

Aarat I might add is a delightful town, full of lovely green grass (lucky things have had rain) and beautiful old homes that I would give my eye teeth to own.  Unfortuantely the trip to Aarat Friday afternoon was a bit hairy.  The bus played up a bit but the real problem was the gale force winds.  80 km/hour was the fastest we travelled at – such a thrilling ride.  Ashley was hard pressed to even keep the bus on the bitumen at times. Thank heavens I had plenty of books to read to keep my mind off the wild ride.

The country side surrounding the tract at Moyston was magnificant with the Grampians Mountains in the back ground.  Apparently there is sometimes snow up on those  mountains.

We had a prime position just across from the start line.  Not that Nicola and James watched much of the race, they were too busy playing and watching TV.  At least the bus was warm and after all that hunting for hot water bottles the kids didn’t need them.

It doesn’t seem to matter where you go there is always someones washing hanging on the line.

Apparently Moyston (according to the man Ashley was talking to in the caravan park toilets – well where else do you go for information…vbg) had nearly two and a half inches of rain in the past week.  I’m not sure how accurate that figure is – but if the mud that came back on the cars (and this is only after one 7 lap round of the course) is any indication they have had plenty.  Ohh and no it’s not Ashley’s car – this is a friends car.

On the start line.  Ashley was in the very last group of cars to start – he was hoping the track may have dried out at bit by this time but no such luck.

The first jump – I didn’t even tremble when he drove over it like I did at Sea Lake.  Could I be getting a bit used to this racing lark do you think?

All was going well until the fourth lap of the first round.  Ashley saw the tree coming, thought he would miss it but instead the rough track (well that’s what he tells me) bounced him right into the path of the tree.  He well and truly hugged a tree!!!!  He broke reverse gear trying to get out of the trees embrace and in the end one of the rescue vehicles had to tow him off the tree he was so stuck.

There is some bending of the frame which needs replacing, the steering arm broke and of course there was inches of mud to wash off before he could start anything when we got home.

Of course there are always plenty of willing bodies to help push the car up onto the trailer and then stand around and discuss the crash in length afterwards.  Note the man sitting on the front of the race car.  He isn’t just there for good looks – although he probably wouldn’t like me saying that…vbg.  He was there with a whopping big shifter in his hand “steering” the car up onto the trailer – and very abused he was too when it looked like he wasn’t doing a good job…lol.

Both Ashley and I found this to be the friendliest of races we have been to yet.  I found a fellow quilter – doing the happy dance – and we chatted just a bit on what we did and what we hope to achieve….vbg.  There were several men there racing that knew Ashley and accepted him as one of their own plus the committee that was running the whole event went out of their way to make everyone feel welcome.  Now that’s my kind of weekend.

The next race is in about three weeks time – providing everything is mended by then.

Ohh and the trip home was a breeze.  No playing up by the bus, a slight tail wind which always helps fuel comsumpution and we were home by 12.30 pm.  As of today even the washing is up to date.

2 thoughts on “Hugging Trees

  1. Glad Ashley didn’t hurt himself and that you all had a good time. Hope the car is an easy repair for him. Just how fast are your speed limits over there anyway? Our “major” highway systems are maximum 90/100 depending on the road with the rest of the highway system being 80 km.


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