Road Trip

By the time you read this post I will be well on my way to Shepparton with Nicola’s Grade 6 class to DECA – which is the Driver Education Centre of Australia (at least I think that’s what it stands for).

I went a few years ago with Elise and thoroughly enjoyed myself – nearly as much as the kids did, so it wasn’t hard to volunteer to help out again. I just wish we could go in the Spring or very early Summer as it’s always freezing, there doesn’t seem to be anything to block the wind and it’s really hard to keep smiling when the cold is biting right into your bones. Having said that I have packed my gloves, best wooly scarf, popped on the thermal singlet and umpteen dozen other layers of clothing and packed a thermos full of hot tea and a good book for the long bus trip there and back.

So just to keep in the motoring theme I thought I would show you the new work van that Ashley now has.

It’s a brand new Transit Van, Medium wheel base whatever the heck that means.

I all I know is that now he can keep all his treasures/crap/work stuff in one place, lock it when he has to and tell me over and over again how comfortable it is to drive.

It was an all day job to put in the new shelving system, which I might add if it wasn’t for the cost of it I would seriously consider having installed in my sewing room it’s that good, and resort and pack all of his work gear.

While he was impressed that there was a new vehicle to explore, Ajax was not impressed by the fact he had to stay in it and not chase any rabbits that may have been lurking in our yard.

It’s amazing just how many shapes and configerations that shelving can come in………………

…..and how many useful containers that this shelving had. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to liberate any of them as they were soon full of screws, power points and other essential items.

I can stand up in the van – yay Me! – Ashley has to bend his head just a bit. By the time he left yesterday morning the clear area in the back between the shelves was chock full of a stove, and other sundry but large items needed for this house he was working on. Than heavens he bought a big van – otherwise he would have had to take a trailer too.

Catch up with you all when I get home and get some much needed sleep. Two 5.30 am morning starts are not good.


3 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Hope you enjoy your trip. Quite a set-up in the van, maybe you can hire him out as a sewing room planner. He fit quite a few shelves in theat pretty new van.

  2. Awesome van tell Ashley congrats he must be loving it, having everything there in its own proper place.

    Hate to be practical but make sure your insurance covers the cost of equipment as well just in case it gets nicked.

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