The Great Hot Water Bottle Hunt

You would think that considering it’s the middle of Winter, it was minus 2 degrees outside this morning, the frost was as thick as snow and the heater barely seemed to make a dent in the cold house – that it would be fairly easy to find and then purchase some hot water bottles while I was down the street this morning.

Not so.  I went to four different shops before I found some in the supermarket.  Not a supermarket I normally visit as I don’t like it – but after todays hunt I’m feeling much more kindly towards it.

Naturally as I did have to hunt for them I bought three hot water Bottles – Mum found a fourth at her house.

The reason for all this hunting???  Ashley is racing again this weekend and as the race is down near Ararat it’s going to be cold.  The actual race is being held at Moyston but we are staying at a caravan park in Aarat cause I really want to run the heater on the bus at night as it’s sure to be freezing.  Now having got the back ground out of the road – James, Nicola and I will be in the bus while Ashley races.  We can’t run the heater as there is no electricity at the race track.  I will not put up with two whining children complaining that they are cold and pinching all my blankets in an effort to keep warm – hence the hot water bottles.  I figure I can fill them with hot water and at least keep some of the chills at bay.

It’s not that I’m an unfeeling mother (well only sometimes) but I don’t like the cold either – so this is a bit of selfishness on my behalf too….wicked grin.

So today – having the house to myself for the entire day as Ashley left at 6 am to work at Heathcote (about 3 hours from us) and the kids at school I spent some time making these hot water bottle covers out of some fleecy windcheater material Mum found in her cupboard.  Actually it was a very little amount of time spent making them as they are so quick and easy – but lots of fun.  Milly thought they were pretty darn good to – just right for a chin rest.

For those wondering just where Elise will be.  She is staying with a friend as they have a Youth Group trip to Bendigo Friday night and won’t get home until about 1.30 am Saturday morning.  We have to be at the race track by 7 am Saturday – so lucky Elise got to stay home.


2 thoughts on “The Great Hot Water Bottle Hunt

  1. I am an absolute water bottle freak. I take them everywhere even planes. It all started when my husband was having back pain and he was advised to use a hot water bottle instead of a heating pad. I use them mostly for when my back is sore or my shoulders stiff. The nice thing about them is you can fall asleep and not have to worry about burning yourself like you could with a heating pad. They make great back supports for those long car drives plus you can fill them with ice cold water for hot summers, migraines or swollen muscles.

    Love the covers, you’re so clever 😀

  2. I know exactly where my cat would be if I filled mine.
    My poor friend had to stay the w/e I came out of an overnight hospital stay and my gas heater went on the blink. It had to be the 10 coldest days before it was fixed but thankfully it is and she dragged out a hottie…I think it had been Mums and was able to be relatively warm. But looking at your dog just made me think where Madam Moggie would be should I fill one.

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