It’s amazing just how much you can get done when you finally feel well enough to do anything.

Over the past week or so I have been working on this projects.  Some are UFO’s, others are WISP’s.  Either way they are done and I can enjoy them.

“Any Mail” was a wall hanging I have made twice now.  A smaller version for my sister (as their mail only comes once a week) and a larger one for me. I had it all finished and hanging at Christmas time – then realised two days later I had forgotten to sew on the buttons for flowers.  Down it came and it has languised in my sewing room until I got sick of it staring at me.  Ten minutes later the buttons were on and it’s now hanging in my dining room.

The “Boxes of Stars” Quilt is done and now resides on the back of the couch in the lounge room.  I used Signature Quilting thread in “Rose Petals” for the blocks and “Island Waters” for the borders.

My machine quilting isn’t wonderful but I did try an all over pattern of butterflies for the blocks and leaves for the borders with some success.  All I can say it’s a good thing I like making quilting cause I really need the practice quilting them…  Ohh the pattern is another of Bonnie’s wonderful creations – Boxy Stars.

I finished off the heart cushion I had been working on at Maureen’s.  I made the naked cushion up a couple of years ago and then just couldn’t get into it.  Inspiration struck after working on Maureen’s doll and I kept going.  It was nice to try out some different stitches (after browsing some of Maureen’s books) and new ideas that just sort of flowed. Sorry it’s not a brilliant photo but trust me it looks good.  Ohh and I’m not biased – Mum keeps telling me she loves it too.  I think she is dropping a hint or three….lol.

Finally after having this cushion partially done for almost 20 years it is finished.

An ex boyfriend gave the kit to me – funnily enough right after we broke up.  He possibly thought I would need something to keep my mind off him after the break up.  Not so I assure you.  Anyway I had very little to do on the embroidery side of things then I just had to attach the lace and sew it all together.  It then sat – as things seem to do in the Black Hole which is my sewing room for a month or two before I stuffed it and now it’s done.  As you can see Ajax is really excited by my finishing another ufo…….not!!


6 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Beautiful work! There is such a satisfaction putting the finishing touches on projects. I really love “any Mail” and your scrappy stars.

  2. Wow awesome Catherine, I love them all but like the boxes of stars best because of the various colours in it but I admire your embroidery as well probably because I don’t do it and don’t have the patience to try.

  3. Love them all, but especially your boxy stars. The quilting is great. I just took another look, and now I’m not sure which my favorite it, they are all so nice.

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