Some Hand Quilting

Well I’m sooo glad I didn’t offend anyone with regards to my comments on hand quilting….wiping brow here…..grin. I spent time on Sunday – it being a really cold and windy day – working on the last of the sampler block that came with my hand quilting kit.

It was a really relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon, dogs and Ashley snoring in the back ground, kids otherwise amused and not lots on the tv.

I’m really pleased with how this worked. My stitches aren’t entirely even (practice does make perfect) and I may never reach the elusive “12 stitches to the inch” level – but I’m happy where I am right now and I guess that’s all that matters. Who knows with practice my stitches may get smaller. I tried out different quilting threads including the one that came with the kit. My favorite was the Signature Machine quilting threads in the end. Lovely to use, stunning variations of colour (cause I just loooove variegated threads) and with 3000 yards to a cone I won’t run out any time soon.

I was so enthused at my progress that I spent some time on the weekend basting my Octagon quilt all ready to hand quilt.

I was part way through basting it when I realised that it really did need some borders…..

… todays job is to hand sew the borders down then I can begin hand quilting. Yes I know I’m doing it backwards – but I never said I was normal.

I love the fabric I used for the borders and I’m going to bind it with the same stuff. Thank heavens I bought more fabric from Thousands of Bolts….wicked grin…it was so nice having just the right piece in my stash.

I should add here – Karen wondered if this quilting was any different to the way she quilts?  The end result (in my humble opinion) is the same, but the actual technique is different.  My best advice it to go to the Thimblelady site and check out the quick videos she offers on the site to see how this method is different to “regular” hand quilting.


6 thoughts on “Some Hand Quilting

  1. Lovely!!!
    Ive actually got all the thimblelady stuff and have done a class and am part way thru a whole cloth quilt – must dig it out again!!! OH…and the octagons are cute too

  2. your hand quilting is coming along beautifully.
    I am considering buying her videos as I would love to be able to hand quilt for hours without pain!
    and perfect my stitches!
    thanks for the link to her videos…

  3. I did check out the videos and while I don’t normally quilt that way there have been a few times where I’ve done the same thing but the Thimblelady is right in that the thimbles I use are very poor. In fact my thimbles are really cheap ones so reading your blog and visiting her site has made me realise I should invest in a better thimble even if I don’t use her method but the cost she charges per thimble makes me shudder.

    Lol, I’ll worry about it when I get around to my next project which will probably be a few months as I still have a whole lot of stuff to do before the wedding still.


  4. Forgot to add, your quilting is just beautiful Catherine and I wouldn’t be worrying about any 12 stitches per inch as yours looks just fine to me, well done!

  5. When you used Signature Machine quilting thread for hand quilting did you have any trouble with it tangling? Did you use the cotton covered polyester thread or the all cotton thread?

    I am considering using that brand for hand quilting, and would appreciate your advice. Thanks.

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