Need a Little Perspective???

Hubby walking through the house  (on the newly cleaned floors) with mud on his boots?

Kids full of cheek and complaining about having to make their beds and clean their rooms?

Youngest sons bedroom looking like a bomb has gone off on it?

Dog pinching muddy shoes that are desperately needed for gardening?

Washing – while not a mountain – still hasn’t reached “mole hill” stage yet?

The week is looming in front of you and your wondering just how much you will achieve and how much you won’t get done?

Menu’s still to be planned for the week?

Baking still to be done?

Need some “ME” time?

Check out todays entry in Confessions of a Pioneer Woman…… “Changes In Plans – A Recap” …………

The answers that many gave to her recent questions regarding the direction of her life are mind blowing.

All I can say is “Thank you Lord for the husband you sent me, the children you have blessed us with, the home we share and the good things we enjoy.  Amen”

I hope your day is as good as mine.

My garden in the days when we had rain and water and I could keep up with it.

Those days will come again.


One thought on “Need a Little Perspective???

  1. Reading the comments in that post does make you feel thankful for all you have and not to sweat the little stuff doesn’t it?

    On the other hand there’s no reason why your husband can’t learn to take off his muddy boots and the kids learn to clean their rooms…yeah and pigs fly as well.


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