Holidays Include – BAKING AND SHOPPING

Maureen will probably throw something at me for posting this photo but I couldn’t resist.

I can’t quite work out  what I liked most about being at Maureen and Graeme’s.

It could have been their company and the delightful place they live in.

It could have been the wildlife that appeared everywhere.

It could have been the fact the kettle seemed to be almost constantly on the boil and we drank loads of tea and coffee……and you all know how much I live for my cuppas.

It was definately all the wonderful home cooked food that came out of Maureen’s kitchen.  Nicola and James had a ball helping cook – the rest of us enjoyed their efforts…..vbg.

Elise and I kidnapped Maureen one day and went shopping in Sale.  Good greif the range of shops – way more than we have here…………..and there was a Spotlight!!!!  Yes I know Spotlight might not be high on everyones list but when the closest one to me is 2 hours away and my time when I can get there is limited – being in this one was like being a kid at a candy store.

I bought four fat quarters (of course), some therma fleece (that thermal type batting that you use).  I haven’t tried it before but am hoping it will work well to keep drink bottles cold.  The buy of the day was the storage box. They have moveable inserts in them (so handy when you have more of something than you thought you did).  I bought three, Maureen three or was it four, and Elise two.  The price I hear you ask???

$2.00 a box.

Bargain!!  Best of all the floss cards fit really nicely in them so I have been working on slowly sorting out all my DMC threads, hand dyed threads,  silk ribbons etc and storing them all according to colour.  I have nearly run out of floss cards (I bought two more packs while I was in Spotlight) and one box isn’t even full yet.

Maureen had bought some of this wool for her daughter and I just had to try some too.  A skein of blues, one of greys and four of plain white which I am hoping to dye.  They are pure wool and we think made up of wool rovings as each skein has fat and skinny parts to them.  I want to use them when I make some more “fabric” using the water disolvable plastic bags I have and lots of other bits and pieces.   The needles are one of those things that I am constantly buying…vbg.  I wonder why.

I just have to show you this photo – well actually I don’t but since Maureen sent it to me I thought I should.  We were watching a show about a couple who decided not to wash for six weeks!!!!  I kid you not.  It was a British production (I think).  The theory was that the human body would somehow restore itself to a clean sweet smelling body within that six weeks of time therefore rendering the need to wash obsolete.  They had three sets of clothes for the entire six weeks.  No washing, cleaning of teeth, washing hair etc was allowed.  Can I just tell you by the end of it I was trying not to throw up.  By the look on my face I may have been trying to do that there and I think Ashley probably wasn’t far behind me.   It truly was disgusting.  People commented, the couples kids commented and I would hate to sleep next to either one of them.  By the way the end conclusion was that the human body would not restore it’s self to a clean sweet smelling form.  You need to wash!!!  It still gives me shivers down the spine every time I think of it.  I have to admit though it is one way to get a lot of knitting done.  Every time there was something truly disgusting on the program I would suddenly knit furiously.


2 thoughts on “Holidays Include – BAKING AND SHOPPING

  1. I LOVE your holidays “caravan” posted on Maureen’s blog!!! But I sure don’t envy Ashley driving that on secondary roads!!! Glad you enjoyed your visit but you truly could have done without that TV program!!! Disgusting is not the word for it and I truly would have been in the loo!!!

  2. Love seeing all the goodies you bought and there is nothing like a good plastic storage box regardless of the size. The picture of the two of you watching the telly is something else, you’re both so intent on the program, lol.

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