Holidays include – FISHING

What else do you do when you are on holidays by the sea and the sun is shining but try surf fishing.

A definate first for Ashley and Elise – but luckily Graeme was there to advise/tell/supervise them….vbg.

Naturally like all small boys and water James just had to try out the waves.  Maureen had just finished saying “Ohh we forgot to bring towels” when James fell head first into the waves and promtly had another wave dumped on top of him.

It didn’t deter him though.  Ten minutes later he had stripped off down to his jocks (the modesty of five minutes before of wearing Jocks in public over) and winter jacket he was back playing in the water which I swear had ice cubes in it.

The fishing did not go well.  In fact we began to be very glad that tea was already organised and fish wasn’t on the menu.  The closest any of them came to a real live frozen fish……………….was the bait.  But there was lots of fun in trying to cast that poor little fish way out into the ocean in the hope of catching a bigger one.

Of course there is always some shell collecting done.  Who can resist these treasures from the sea and if it means walking out into the waves to wash them off well of course that has to happen.

Do you just love the look of Footprints in unmarked sand?

Long solitary walks on the beach are a must.  Just right for getting your head around the fact there has been no homework for a fortnight, no pressure to be in class on time and the time to just think and dream is there for the taking.

What else does a man with his toys do than play with the remote control car on the beach?  Well it helps if you actually have fuel in it…..wicked grin.  Ashley disappeared only to return 15 minutes later with the car full of fuel.  It alway helps….lol.  Ohh and remote control cars and sea water don’t mix all that well although it still runs. Personally I think the waves were taking revenge for being disturbed by such a noisy smelly creature……………and yes I’m referring to the car and not my darling hubby.  Why else would a wave come in just as the car was driven just a tad to close to the water unless it wanted revenge?


2 thoughts on “Holidays include – FISHING

  1. Looks like everyone was having a good time, especially the little guy. I got a kick out of the picture of your husband. You know how some people are so tall they have to stoop a little when coming in the door (not too many, but some)? It looks like your husband is stooping just a little to get into the picture. I may have not gotten my thinking sleep last night (lol).

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