Be Very Grateful…..

…..I’m not posting a photo of my left eye on this blog!!!

I woke up yesterday morning with a sore and yucky eye and thought “conjunctivitus” (sorry can’t spell it and honestly I don’t think I want to learn).  Had a nanna nap that afternoon still feeling pretty ordinary from the flue  and travelling home etc and woke to find my eye nearly swollen shut. An hour later I was scaring the Doctor with it – he looked at me funny as I walked into his surgery room wearing sunglasses….vbg – and the first thing he said was “You have got a good infection haven’t you!”  Well no kidding!!!!!!

Half an hour later I have drops for my eye, antibotics for this flue that won’t leave me and a ventalin type puffer to try and releive my chest.

Today the eye is only half swollen but very, very red and sore but at least it’s stopped weeping and so have I if I don’t look in the mirror.  Ashley did offer to punch me in the other eye so I had a matching pair but needless to say I didn’t take him up on the offer.

On the brighter side of things it is raining  – positively bucketing down – which is lovely.  I tempted it this morning by hanging out a load of washing and pulled it in half a hour later when the rain started….lol.  The mountain of washing from our holiday is now down to a small hill but will be there a while as trying to dry sleeping bags and blankets is a tad hard when it’s raining.

Crafting (due to my eye) is at a standstill but I did rearrange the lounge room so now my sewing chair is near the window and I have a small table next to it so I can spread out my treasures as I work.  I have spent quite a bit of  today winding  stranded cottons,  silk threads and anything else I can find onto floss cards to put in the new boxes I purchased.  So far one box isn’t quite full and there are a lot of threads in there…..way more than I thought I had.   I’m sure there are more threads lurking around the house…’s just a matter of finding them.

Right I’m off to check on Elise.  She is cooking tea for tonight – Shepherds Pie……and tomorrow nights tea – Lasagne.   It’s a pity this isn’t “Smell-A-Blog” cause if tea tastes anything like it smells we are in for a treat.


2 thoughts on “Be Very Grateful…..

  1. I had forgotten you took some photos at the surf. The family look very pleased with their afternoon there. If you do come in summer there will be no ice cubes in the water.

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