Home Again

Hi All

Home again safely thank goodness.  Bit of a nightmare trip with the bus playing up and getting slightly lost around Pakenham but we made it and arrived home at 5 pm.

Details and photos soon – well as soon as I find time and the camera which is somewhere in the house.

If you don’t hear from me for a few days it’s cause I’m buried under the mountain of washing that is lurking in my laundry……and I do mean “mountain”.

Haven’t caught up with any blogs as yet, but thank you for the lovely comments left on my last two posts.

Apart from washing, I’m taking the day off to rest and relax and maybe work a little more on the cq piece I started at Maureen’s.

Talk to you soon



3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Lucky lady to be staying with one of my favorite CQ friends, who is so so clever, and in that lovely part of the world. I lived in Lakes Entrance for 4.5 yrs from 1974. Parents are buried at Bairnsdale, Mum in ’03 which was the last time I stayed at Lakes. Must be due for a visit up that way when I am sure I can drive without falling asleep. Happy washing.

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