Reporting in from Paradise

Quick post cause I’m using Maureen’s computer.  This place (and our wonderful hosts) are magnificent.  Ashley and I can’t remember the last time we were on holidays where we relaxed instantly the morning after we arrived and honestly the relaxed feeling hasn’t gone away.

We have just come back from exploring the National Park.  Maureen, Elise and I went to Sale yesterday to do some shopping – just a bit….roflmol.  I will show the treasures when I finally get home (if we can ever drag ourselves away from here).  Shall we just say that Spotlight in Sale will never be the same…..vbg.  We have visited the beach, played in the water, collected shells and just generally loafed around.  My crafting is progressing slowly – there are too many treasures to check out in Maureen’s craft room.  Trust me – you could spend days in there and still not see everything.

Maureen and Graeme’s daughter and some of their grand children came for just a couple of days – and all six children had a ball spending time together.  We had to keep doing head counts at the beach to make sure we had them all…vbg.  Children can scatter like grains of sand in a wind storm when they are intent on exploring we have discovered.

We still aren’t sure what day we are leaving (Maureen hasn’t kicked us out yet….lol) but I imagine it will possibly be Saturday as the kids start school again Monday….sigh.

Ohh the best news is that our colds and flue are just about gone and apart from feeling sleepy (Graeme says it’s the sea air and the ambiance of this sleepy little village) we are all on the mend.

Right I’m off – the kids have just asked how much do I need to write???  Cheeky things.  Will catch up with you all when I get home.


Catherine and the Gang.


5 thoughts on “Reporting in from Paradise

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful relaxing holiday. Glad you are feeling better. I am anxious to see your purchases.

  2. Wish I was there – lol ! So cold and wet here in Wales today. What I wouldn’t give to be on a beach collecting shells. Have a wonderful time.

  3. There was no Spotlight in Sale when I used to flash through on route to or from Lakes Entrance ’74 to’78.
    Progress indeed and the fact that there is a Safeway in LE is even more eventful to hear.
    Continue having a wonderful time.

  4. Hi Catherine.
    Say hi to Maureen for me, I bet you two are having way too much fun!
    I have passed on an award to you, check it out on my blog, then pass it on.
    Hugs julia

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