Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

I’ve been a bit absent from blogging due to a nasty dose of the flue.  James decided to share his bug with me, just as I was getting over the first dose, and the end result was a very sick and sorry Catherine.  As a result not a lot of crafting has happened – simply not coughing was a major achievement.  If anyone has a spare set of lungs I would appreciate them – mine ran away a week ago.

Good news though – today I am heaps better which is a good thing as we are off on a weeks holiday to visit Maureen and her dear Hubby Graeme.  Yipeee.  We set off first thing tomorrow and Ashley is talking about doing the whole trip in one day – 9 or 10 hours driving in the bus – towing the trailer with the Suzuki so we can go “flitting about the district” – Maureen’s turn of phase not mine…vbg.  Either way the bus is nearly packed – I have no idea what food I have actually put in but so long as they are prepared to exist on two minute noodles the family will be fine….wicked grin – and there are just a few last minute items to go in tomorrow morning.

No doubt there will be plenty of photos to show you when we return not to mention plenty of crafting happening which I am really looking forward to.  Maureen assures me her house is “magic” and I will get better while I’m down there.  I have big plans of standing on the beach, facing the strongest wind I can find and letting it blow the bugs (and hopefully not me) away.

I have been keeping up with your blogs – and while I’m not crafting seeing what everyone else has been doing has helped to keep me sane.

Bye for now – I’ll catch up with you all in a week.




3 thoughts on “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Glad your starting to feel better, one minute noodles are good for you. Enjoy your trip, looking forward to the photos.

  2. I’ve just returned back myself after a long weekend off so I’ve missed you but just in case you’re checking, have a great holiday Catherine and hope you feel much better soon.


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