Another Day, Another Picnic

Of course there just had to be another picnic planned just to see if the Bus is working properly.

Big plans were made involving the five of us, two dogs, sausages and bread and of course nice weather.

For a while I thought things might come a bit unstuck as Ashley and James decided, at what seemed to me to be at the last minute, to do a run to the tip and get rid of some of the piles of rubbish that have been accumulating of late.  All was well though – we did set off even if it was later than I had planned.

The bus ran really well.  Nice and smooth, no oil leakage and the “timing” (whatever that is) was working right so we were able to travel at a whole 96 km per hour – yipee!!!

Lake Boga was our destination of choice.

No Ashley isn’t strangling Milly – she saw another dog and of course the first response is “I’m going to play”…sigh.

There has been lots of controversary over Lake Boga in the recent past.  It’s the nearest Lake to us (about 15 mins drive) and as such is a mecca for those wanting a watery type holiday without travelling to the beach which is at least five hours or more drive away.  As a child we spent many long summer nights splashing in the waters.   There is a local ski club and yacht club, plus a caravan park and small township near by.

Due to the drought conditions Boga has not had any rainfall to top it up nor has there been any water from the Murray River pumped into it.  The level has been dropping steadily over the past few years.  Combine that with outbreaks of Blue Green Algae (which can make you really ill) tourist numbers have dropped off considerably – I wonder why!!!

Of course with receding water and muddy banks the outbreak of Midges(small black flying insects) has been prolific to the point that residents around the lake and in the near by town had to sweep them up by the shovel full  not the handful as they would hope.  It got so bad that many residents couldn’t even have lights on in their houses as they attacted too many insects.

Naturally as the water receeded more the fish started to die.  There was a proposal by one enterprising person to harvest the fish and turn them into something useful such as ferterlizer – but the Powers that Be decided no so the fish died and the stink from them intensified.

As you can imagine the stink that the towns people kicked up was as good as the stink from the fish.  There has been lots of “buck passing” by those in various offices as to who looks after what and who will make a decision.  One “group” controls the water, another does the foreshore of the lake, yet another has control of the fish and another is just there to stir up more trouble.  Not all of these in power are the local council either – some are state and government bodies.

In a great many peoples opinion there needs to be a major rethink on the lake and an even more major clean up while the lake is dry and the opportunity is there.  To make matters worse Lake Boga used to be a flying depot for Catalina Airplanes during the war. You can see some photos and read more about it here.  There is  quite a bit of ammunition being discovered around the lake as the water receeded to the point that there are now signs posted warning people of the dangers of finding any of it.

So it is one of those never ending questions of what will happen.  In the long run probably nothing unless a group of enterprising people get together, ignore the “Powers that Be” and get stuck in and thoroughly clean up the lake and it’s surroundings returning it to the place of beauty and tranquility it once was.  Anyone who is in office and semi official is putting the problem into the “too hard basket” and probably praying for enough rain to fill the lake and hide the problems.

Having said all that it was a lovely picnic. The sausages were done nicely, sauce went everywhere (as it is supposed to) the dogs ate there fair share of left over sausages and I got to take photos of my children walking in areas of the lake which would normally be anywhere from waist high to neck high in water.

So off we headed home – at at least attempted to.  One bolt had fallen out of the starter motor so my always clever hubby fiddled around with a screw driver under the bus and got it started so we could get home.  The bolt has now been replaced I’m pleased to announce that He Who Decides Such Things thinks that we should have another picnic next weekend.  I must remember to put sausages on the shopping list and maybe some rolls.  The children complained that the bread fell apart while trying to eat their sausages.  Honestly kids of today – it isn’t a picnic unless your bread falls apart…..wicked grin.


3 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Picnic

  1. Things are the same but different everywhere it seems. We have lakes that are drying up, and problems with no swimming due to dark water with no visibility, and amoeba, and in some areas large alligators (I’m in Florida, USA). Here in central Florida, some houses and a school were built over old military property, and they have been looking for bombs, etc for over a year now, and every now and then on the news they tell of exploding a bunch of them. Needless to say the people in the area aren’t thrilled. It seems to be a cycle of mess it up, and cover it up. I love living here though, and except for things like this that aren’t widespread, it is a wonderful place to live.

  2. I would love to see some of these Lakes tidied up and deepened while they are dry. This is what farmers would do with dams…even build a bigger one next door and have a very low wall which would water could easily flow over once the dam filled again….Lake Wendouree at Ballarat needs a good clean out also.
    And quite why so much of Victoria at least has been turned into a desert because so called ‘greenies’ blocked the building of extra dams when water could still have been collected. And extra dam, even if at the levels of the present ones would be better than not having an extra one at all…………sorry off the hobby horse.

  3. Sounds like a right mess about the lake but glad that you and the family had a great picnic and are going on another one next weekend.

    A picnic sounds like a great idea to me right about now except everyone is so busy or some grown up and left home. I’ll have to wait until Grandma status although I shouldn’t whinge on as we went to a couples outing yesterday with people from the church to the host’s cottage by the lake so I guess I did get a picnic, just no kids.

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