The Magical World of Adults

I feel like I’m living again. Yes strange I know – after all every day I breathe, I eat, I do housework…..oppps sorry that slipped out.

Ashley and I were invited out for tea with friends last night. There were a heap of people there from B’s (a really good friend) work (an accounting firm) and as we are clients we fitted right in. It was a lovely casual night – lots and lots and lots of laughter. My sides are still sore from laughing. A magnificent tea in a pub – we had chicken schnitzel, gravy and salad – to die for. Honestly I haven’t had a meal that good for ages. B’s hubby G. had steak that truly was the biggest piece of steak I have seen in my life. Just wish I had thought to get a photo of it.

I did feel a bit guilty about the children though. It was an adults night – honestly I think some of us were sillier than the kids…vbg – so they weren’t invited. I offered to get Mum to come down and stay with them while we were out but all three assured me they would be fine, wouldn’t fight and would be in bed at a reasonable hour and definitely didn’t need a BABYSITTER. After all Nicola informed me she is “nearly 13, James “nearly” 9 and Elise is 15 and they are all quite grown up and able to fend for themselves. Hmmmmm I might debate that – so we compromised. Mum (who lives about 400 metres from our house in her own little unit) would stay at her place and would only come down if they rang and there was an emergency or she saw flames shooting from the roof.

Ashley and I arrived home at 11.30pm to find the two youngest in bed and sound asleep. Elise was just on her way to bed, the kitchen was clean, they cooked pizza for tea, and I could find no disasters hiding in cupboards waiting to be discovered at a later date….vbg.

So here’s the question – cause now I’m doubting my abilities as a Mum. Did I do the right thing leaving them home on their own? I know there was supervision just a phone call away – but I still worried. What age did the rest of you leave your children to fend for themselves so you could enjoy an evenings entertainment? I don’t think we would leave them often and certainly not over night – but I admit it was like a breath of fresh air for both of us to spend time with each other and other adults – something we didn’t realise just how much we needed.

So now I’m all happy and bubbly (and trying not to feel like I have neglected my children) I have big plans to do not lots today. It’s cool and cloudy outside – a really good day to spend some time in the sewing room or reading a good book.

Have a lovely weekend



6 thoughts on “The Magical World of Adults

  1. You obviously are raising your children to be independent and responsible young adults. Kudos to you! I started staying home alone to care for my 3 younger brothers as early as 9. The decision is all about the kids being ready. Yours obviously are and you should go out more often! LOL!

  2. Girl, you absolutely did the right thing! You guys need a night out sometimes, and I bet they need some time like they got. I was baby sitting at 12 and by 15 watching kids over night. I remember how grown up I felt when my parents felt they could leave us alone. If they went away for a few days, they might have someone stay with us, but your kids are big enough for one night! I bet they feel proud too! Glad you had a good time.

  3. You are a great mom, raising independent children who can care for themselves! My son started staying with his younger sisters when he was 12, but we wouldn’t go far. Now our 13 year old stays home by herself often, she loves the quiet time with no parents to nag her! :o) You should absolutely get out and enjoy yourself!

  4. I think it really depends on the kids but by the ages that they are at I am sure they were fine. I was babysitting other peoples’ kids by age 10. I was very mature and responsible and was better with the little ones at that age than at 16 when I wanted to be on the phone all the time. Keep on getting some you time and let the kids show you how responsible they are and you all win!

  5. My son is 16 and daughter 13 and for the last year or so I have left them at home if they were happy for that to happen. Having said that my Mum is normally organised to be close to the phone (although she is an hour away) and a friend in town knows we are leaving them. It is not often at all (I couldn’t manage a busy social life these days!!). Having said that I wouldn’t leave my 13 year old at all by herself as she is a worrier and scared of the dark so it really depends on the kids. They have to be allowed to do these things sometime so maybe you should have more dinners out (those chicken snitzels sound yum!) for them to practice!!!

  6. I suppose it does depend on the kids but my oldest was quite mature and babysitting her younger siblings at 11 years old. I think your kids sound mature and to my mind there is no question that at that age they can be left alone.

    In fact they are almost getting to that age where parents start to wonder if it is wise to leave the kids alone because they don’t want their house to become party central.

    In some cultures your oldest would be married and had a couple of her own kids by now.

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