What’s a girl to do

I had a massive headache last night, wanted out of the chaos that was my life yesterday, the house looked like a bomb hit it, Ashley was frantically busy so what else could I do but sneak five minutes in my very comfortable chair and sew some more hexagons.

This morning over a cuppa I laid them out to see what they would look like.  I had a charm pack of Moda Friends and Flowers which I just adore and wanted to use them, but defiantely didn’t want to do squares or four patches or anything else like that.  I enjoyed/am enjoying the Diamond Stars so much that what else could I do but hexagons………..or should they be octagons I wonder?

I laid them out then realised I would need to add filler blocks so rummaged though the hand dyed fabric I had (not the stuff I dyed the other day in hope of using it as it is the wrong colours/shades) and found these.  Well if you want the honest truth (and we all strive for that) Mum found the fabrics – I just located the box where they were hiding..vbg.

So now it’s all systems go and I’m semi organised.

Imagine my surprise when looking at Fine Stitches, a wonderful new blog I have found, to see the same hexagon/octagon layout I am contemplating – you will need to look half way down this post to see it.  At least I know this layout works…vbg.  And for those wondering I had decided on the layout then went to cruise blogs much, much later.  It’s strange how life works at times.


4 thoughts on “What’s a girl to do

  1. looking good, but yep, they are Octogons petal…

    Patchwork with busy fingers is doing a lovely octogon quilt too, fussy cute with civil war type fabrics GORGEOUS.. they remind me of the kitchen floor at ‘home’ (the one I grew up in)..

    have a wonderful weekend petal..


  2. I’ve been trying to remember where I first got inspired to try that layout…. one of Lucy Boston’s quilts, maybe? I love that quilt and having rediscovered it, I think it needs to get finished.

  3. I’ve never seen this one before so I’m interested to see how it will turn out. I’ve always wondered what people do with those charm packs 🙂

  4. Elise and Belinda’s needle cases turned out very pretty.
    I wish that my granddtrs had shown more interest in sewing. The hexagons are great. I just put a picture on my blog, but not too good of one, of the quilt my grandmtr started in hexagons and my mother finished up. I think that my grandmother had done the blocks, or motifs. I hope you are enjoying yours, they are looking very nice.

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