Photos at last

As Murphy’s Law would have it – I pushed the button that links the camera and puter one last time before I went and had a shower – when I came back the photos were downloaded but it’s taken me until now to get organised enough to post them.

As I said in the previous post it was Ashley’s birthday and here’s just a few photos to show the lovely day we had……

Between the dogs exploring and the kids running after them they were all exhausted by the time I had made lunch.

Lunch Time.

Ajax is convinced he is Top Dog and just has to prove it by standing on the dash as Ashley is trying to drive home.

I also managed to get some dyeing done on Sunday and all the pieces are now washed and waiting to be used. Rainbow colours this time – lovely and light and fresh. I did experiment with adding some black (furthest tray) to the rainbow mix but they ended up a bit muddy for my tastes. Still they will be used as all fabric is…vbg.

More photos coming in the next few posts…..stay tuned…vbg.


2 thoughts on “Photos at last

  1. It looks like you had a lovely family day, which is the best kind, and the ones that your children will remember for a long time. Your dying looks so pretty and colorful. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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