Sea Lake Mallee Rally Video

Quick post cause I really should be in bed.  For anyone interested Ashley has found video footage of the Sea Lake Mallee Rally on You Tube.

You can find Part One here and Part Two here. Just in case you were thinking these people were sane – think again.  Check out their driving!!!!

Ohh and you can see Ashley’s buggy towards the end of Part One.  It’s white with the numbers “188” on a sign on the roof.


One thought on “Sea Lake Mallee Rally Video

  1. Couldn’t find Ashley’s car I must be blind but there were other cars that seemed similar. I think his style of car seemed better suited for the rally. I was surprised at some of the cars/trucks that were entered as I hadn’t pictured using a regular pick-up for the race. I wouldn’t want to subject a car that I used for normal everyday use to such a race in case I blew out something but then again I applaud the spirit of those who probably just “went” for it just to race.

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