A Lovely Weekend

I had big plans of posting photos of our picnic that we enjoyed on Sunday – unfortunately the camera and computer aren’t talking.  Obviously I’m not holding my tongue in the right position cause they just won’t communicate no matter what I do.

It was Ashley’s Birthday Sunday and we decided to celebrate with a picnic lunch somewhere as it was such a lovely day.  There was an ulterior motive  – we needed to see if the oil leak that had plagued us so much the previous weekend was fixed.  It is I’m happy to announce but the bus still wasn’t running properly – so a little more fiddling was called for.  Now we will have to go for another test drive picnic to check it out….vbg.

It was a lovely day and so nice to spend time as the family enjoying the weather and the beautiful Murray River.  Ashley thoroughly enjoyed himself and the presents he received.  A cd of “Top Gear” songs (a British motoring show that he adores) from James and Elise, an interactive “Top Gear” DVD from myself and not one but  TWO blocks of chocolate from Nicola.  Plus we had lovely roast chook and vegetables cooked in the camp ovens for tea with lemon cheesecake for sweets.

The rest of the day was spent pottering. I have the Block A Day blocks that Elise choose all sewn into a top – now I’m just waiting for the new roll of batting to arrive and it’s ready to quilt.  Even the backing is organised.

Ashley worked a little more on the bus then did quite a bit on the race car – something which always seems to need tinkering with.

The children played outside for quite some time.  Nicola very carefully.  She played croquet on Saturday and put her hand down to pick up ball, not realising that another one was rolling her way rapidly – the two balls collided with her little finger/pinkie in between them.  Ouch.  It isn’t broken, just badly bruised and of course the Drama Queen is making the most of it.

Today Elise had the day off – I forget what for but it was a legitimate Student Free Day so she and her friend Belinda spent most of the day sewing their needle cases. I have taken photos but they will be posted another day.  We did the rounds of the op shops this morning.  Not a lot in them but I did find a lovely blouse for me and a suede type caramel coloured mans shirt that I think will be ideal for a bag.  It’s the kind of fabric you just have to feel – yummmy.  Ohh and my best buy was a “Milly Molly Mandy” book for a whole 20 cents.  I remember reading “Milly Molly Mandy” when I was a child and loved it and I’m sure I will enjoy this book too. Elise found a photo frame and Belinda resisted all temptation to spend any money at all…..lucky thing.

This afternoon I had to help Ashley pull wires through conduit at a job he was working at.  It went well for a while…….until the cable became stuck and as a result the rope and electrical cable which were  attached together parted company despite our best efforts of trying to be careful.  The end result was we had to dig a hole half a metre deep and find the right conduit……..of course there were three lots of orange conduit where we had to dig and only one was the right one.  Luckily we found the right one first time and have semi fixed the problem.  Ashley will go and finish the job tomorrow morning.  Some days things just aren’t meant to go right.  I don’t mind helping  on jobs like this it’s easier with two of us.  At least I didn’t have to cook tea – the kids did all that so all we had to do was arrive home and eat.

Thank you all for your comments on the Diamond Stars I have been working on.  They are all together  and photographed (yes they are still on the camera) and are now pinned down to the backing fabric waiting to be sewn in place.  I have cut out some hexagons out of paper and started trimming the charm pack fabrics to suit to make a hexagon quilt.  I can see it being a long term project but one that will be ideal to carry in the car or when I have appointments.  Photos of that soon.

Ok I need a shower and another cup of tea.  I hope your day was a good one.  Photos soon – if I can’t win with the camera then I will call in the expert aka Ashley….vbg.


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