Hand Sewing

Yes I am finally able to handle some hand sewing again. Sorry the jokes so bad but I couldn’t resist….vbg.

I have progressed from sewing down bindings, which I am loving for some strange reason, normally I can’t stand doing them, to some English paper piecing. I blame Andrea from Welsh Quilter personally. It’s all her fault – tempting me with photos on her blog of her latest piecing adventures and just when I really didn’t need another project or two….vbg.

Andrea has started piecing a hexagon quilt using scraps from her stash. Now I have made a hexagon quilt before. In fact I used it as the basinette quilt for each of my babies and it’s now stashed away safely waiting for the Grandchildren to come along……but I digress. Andrea’s hexagon quilt is made of 3-D hexagons. Simply stunning and sooooo very tempting.

Trying to limit my enthusiasm just a tad I remembered I had started tacking down small diamond shapes to make a miniature quilt. Goodness knows when I started it but it was a loooooong, loooong time again. Still like all good ufo’s it has been patiently waiting for me to become enthusiased again….lol.

Having cleaned out the sewing basket my mother gave me years ago I thought I would keep the bits and pieces in it right next to my chair so I can work on it at night.

The pieces are tiny and I mean really tiny. I must have been insane to think I would stick with this – but I will sew these little diamonds into stars and make them into something.

Look they are nearly the same size as my thumb. Note the nice thumb nail too…….it doesn’t often look like that…..vbg.

Half an hour later I had six diamonds sewn into a star. I have enough of this pansy fabric tacked to the shapes I can get (I think) six stars made, plus there are various other colours which tone with the pansy fabric but are solids. I think the idea was maybe to use them in between the stars. Who knows what will happen, but I’m enjoying the journey.

Ohh and Andrea is having a give away at her blog as she has reached her 100th post. Pop on over and say hello she does the most amazing work.

Right I’m off to sew some more stars together and to try to remember when I last saw the hexagon templates I had once upon a time.

8 thoughts on “Hand Sewing

  1. Not fair to go blaming me – lol ! See you already started this before I came along 🙂 These are tiny – think you have more patience than me. I’m trying to do a bit every night and it seems to be growing quite quickly. Oh what we fun we have. xx

  2. Very nice I’ll look forward to seeing more. The one small quilt I did was such a pain, so fussy. All I could think at the time was that I could have made a larger one with the same effort. So kudos to you for doing this. I guess one advantage of small quilts is that you have more room to display them.

  3. Those hexagons will get you in every time! I love doing it…for a little while! Your starts are so tiny, fun work while the Tv is on though. You have my mobile phone I see as well!
    pleased the hands are going so well, Tracey

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