How to Sleep…….

………while sitting upright.

1.  Pile the cushions and pillows on your bed in a pleasing and comfortable arrangement.

2.  Find a couple of cosy quilts that will cover you nicely.

3.  Arrange a small, hairy black and white dog so he rests nicely along one thigh to keep you warm.

4.  Arrange a large, hairy red heeler so your feet can rest against her tummy keeping them cosily warm.

5.  Crawl into this comfortable nest you have made.

6.  Perch your glasses on the end of your nose in such a way they will not fall off should your head happen to tilt at angles which are only possible while you doze.

7.  Arrange book comfortably on your chest with all expectations of reading it.

8.  Have the lingering after effects of the flu and a very disturbed night as your excuse for sleeping resting your eyes.

9.  Start to read – ignore the blurring of words – it’s the flu not your eyes closing.

10.  Suddenly open your eyes realising that an hour has passed by very pleasantly and not a page has been turned.

Well all of that is my excuse and I’m sticking with it….vbg.

Actually I have achieved a bit today.  Prizes for the give away are now sorted and will be posted tomorrow morning.  Four Seasons Swap Quilt and the Birthday quilt now have their labels attached and the Birthday Quilt with be posted as well.  Even a 20 year old UFO has been completed (it took a whole half an hour to finish the embroidery on it) and I have done the various boring domestic duties that are a necessary evil of daily living.

Off to put the kettle on and I promise I will keep my eyes open.


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