Four Seasons Swap

I entered, and was accepted into the Four Seasons Swap where the theme for this round is “Summer”.  Ahh long hot days, pleasant (very late) evenings, mossies everywhere and the air conditioning running constantly…grin.

Now I can’t show you the whole quilt – well not until my Swap Partner sees it – I would hate for that person to have a peek and spoil the surprise so you will just have to put up with glimpses.

These fabrics………………….

Were cut into these pieces…….

and joined together……. (sorry about the rotten photo)

To make up a quilt top that measures 16 x 16 inches (or there abouts).

I hand quilted it with Edmar threads – it needed some bling and I love Edmar threads…vbg.

Now there’s just the binding and label to do and I’m done.  It was so nice working on this quilt yesterday and so much fun.  Silly isn’t it to forget just how satisfying it is to work on a small quilt – something that can be pretty close to completion within a day.

Now the nerves are starting and I’m just hoping my partner likes it.

You can pop over to the Four Seasons Swap Blog where there is a list of links on the side bar of those who are participating in the Swap.


2 thoughts on “Four Seasons Swap

  1. It’s going to be a beautiful little quilt, the colors are so pretty together. I’m sure your swap partner will love it.

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