We Have Winners

Firstly let me say a HUGE Thank you to all those who entered my humble competition.

I honestly don’t know what was more fun – deciding on a suitable gift, reading the comments or checking out all those lovely new blogs.

I suppose I should say what my favorite season is – considering that was the answer I asked for…vbg.

I looooove late Spring/early Summer when the afternoons stretch for what seems like forever. It’s warm enough to sit outside (but not so hot you are considering standing under the hose to cool off) and there aren’t millions of mozzies or bugs to annoy. Ashley, the children and I can sit and enjoy some quality time outside just enjoying the garden and talking about what we have done that day/weekend/week.

I also looooove, and it’s a close second to the first season/s, Winter – especially at night when tea is cooking, the house smells divine of casserole, the fire is going, kids are warm and cosy in their pjs, curtains are shut tight against the cold, dark night and Ashley walks in the door after a days work. We are all together and home.

Maybe it’s a bit strange of me to base my favorite season on the times when my family is all together but I guess that’s what influences me most.

Right onto the winners. The children helped me to draw the names. ………….drum rolll………………

Rhonda – who honestly has the cutest fur babies I have ever seen – she also does some pretty amazing craft work which I am in awe of. Congratulations Rhonda.

“Wow!! Congrats on making it to your 700th! I just hit my 100th and that took me awhile, so you are just amazing!
I like all of the different seasons, but if I must pick one, it would be summer – lazy days, beaches, rivers, vacations, BBQs, longer days…”

Bunks aka Karen – a wonderful and talented lady who does the most amazing craft work. Congratulations Karen…..well done.

“Wow! Everyone came out of the woodworks to post on this one ) I guess they all know what a talented lady you are.

Let’s see, I have to say that autumn is my favorite season and my favorite part of autumn is the part that we call “indian summer” over here. We get the cold and the frosts and the leaves begin to fall and then if we’re lucky we get a warm spell of a week or two of glorious weather and bright sun and all you need to walk outside is a sweater. The sun shines down through the reds, yellows, oranges and green of the leaves and there is that certain smell in the air that reminds me of turned earth and harvest while nature prepares for winter.


So ladies I will be emailing you both today to let you know. Once again congratulations and thank you for commenting. You prizes will be in the mail as soon as I have your snail mail addies.

For everyone else. I will have more give aways. This was so much fun and the kids are itching to pull more names out of a hat/bowl and will be on my case no doubt until I do run another competition….lol.


4 thoughts on “We Have Winners

  1. Congratulations to Rhonda and Karen. I don’t think it is strange to base your favorite season on your family, I think that it is wonderful, especially in this day and age. I think that you just have your priorities straight.

  2. Congratulations Girls!!! Would you believe I was just over @ Rhonda’s Blog Ahhhing over a really cute red Butterfly Boxy Bug?!?! Best Of Luck on the track this weekend… Cosy nights in with family @ home are hard to beat I agree.

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