Packed – sort of

No not the prizes for the 700th post give away but the bus.  We are racing this weekend at Sea Lake all being well.  All Ashley’s parts have finally arrived and despite his best efforts (and working incredibly long hours) he has had to go to work again this morning even though he wanted the whole day off to work on the final adjustments for the race car.  He tells me we are going regardless so I am organised.  Well nearly.

Food, bedding, some clothes and medicines for the flu that Elise, James and I have are packed. I have even remembered the camera and a couple of new DVD’s for us to watch working on the theory we aren’t going to see much of the race as the track is 85 km long!!!  Still have to pack some sewing, the rest of the clothes and Ashley’s race gear – suite, gloves, helmet etc -and we are all set.  As soon as the children arrive home from school and shower we are off.

Photos when we return or when I recover from this flu – which ever comes first.

In the mean time I’m not sure what is more fun – deciding what to make for the Giveaway or reading everyones comments and why they like certain seasons.  Remember there is still time if you want to leave a comment to be in the running for a hand made gift courtesy of these fair hands (sorry cold medicine is kicking in and the brain is waxing lyrical again).  Just leave a comment on this post and tell me which season you like the most to be in the running.  Thank you everyone who has commented so far.  I’m getting such a kick out of reading them. Winners are drawn next Tuesday and yes there are going to be two winners.

Ok I’m off to sew the binding on the Birthday Quilt and to rustle up a couple more ufo’s that need working on…..not that it will be too hard to find some….it’s just deciding what to take and what not to take.

I hope everyones weekend is a good one.  It’s forecast fine weather for Saturday and Sunday (race days) with rain on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – we can only hope.


Thank you for leaving a comment. I love to read your thoughts on my posts and I do try to respond, sometimes though life gets in the way.

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