Remember my cyclamens that were in bud?

It seems like I have been waiting months for them to flower and finally one flower showed itself.  I was so convinced that the flowers were white or a very pale pink.  Imagine my surprise when they ended up this colour – not quite red and not quite hot pink.

I love cyclamens. They are stunning and so hardy. I was always told you treat them like the cat – put them out at night. Well in days long gone you put the cat out at night – not these days you are meant to keep your little feline safely inside locked away from all that tempting wild life.

It’s nice to know that you can still put something outside last thing at night….vbg….even if it is just a plant.


One thought on “Cyclamens

  1. Very nice. What can I say, I killed my cyclamen. The darn thing liked to be watered can you imagine that? The only plants that do well in my house are the ones that are drought tolerant 😀

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