700 Posts and a Give Away

Whoo hooo how did I manage that – 700 posts since I first started this blog.  What a surprise – who knew I could talk that much……..choke, gasp, giggle.

So in time honoured tradition I feel it time for a give away.

I have no idea what the winner will receive – part of the fun I know….wicked grin…….but rest assured it will be something handmade by these fair hands and it will be crafty of some description and hopefully the winner will find it useful.   Good grief 700 posts and now I’m waxing lyrical……..lol.

Leave me a comment on this post about your favorite season and why it’s your favorite season and the winner will be drawn next Tuesday 10th June by random picking of their name.  That is all names will go into a bowl and one of the children  (or dogs if the children aren’t co-operative)) will choose a winner.

Darn it all one winner doesn’t seem like enough for 700 posts…….so we will have………………….drum roll……………

Two winners.

Go on enter even if you have been lurking for a while and haven’t commented.  I can’t wait to meet you.


32 thoughts on “700 Posts and a Give Away

  1. Hi Cath,
    Of course I just had to enter your giveaway.
    700 posts!, Cath, I ve met you and know you can talk, but 7oo posts….just kidding!
    Hugs julia

  2. 700 Posts! Wow! Congratulations are indeed in order. I love spring because everything comes alive again. The flowers peak from the ground and the birds return with their sweet melodies.

  3. 700 Posts? Amazing! Congratulations doesn’t even cover it!
    My favourite season? Summer. After the winters we have, I positively soak up the heat and humidity. Wish we could find a way to bottle it for a pick-me-up in the winter!

  4. 700?? you dont look a day over 600 :O)
    I love winter.. I love the rain, I love the cool weather, I am convinced I was born on the wrong continent!


  5. How could I resist…and I am aware that I need my thinking cap on as I think 500 is coming up sometime not too far away.
    Thanks for all the pleasure.

  6. Oh how could I forget the season………..Autumn and the lovely colors…..went a little nutso in my blog and we do not really get enough cold for a good Autumn here but I do my best,
    Then Spring and all those bulbs.

  7. 700 posts? Oh my~ I’m barely at 244! I’ll get there though, blogging and sharing with others is too good a pastime! I’m a true Eskimo…I love the *winter*. Uncle Sam has me and my family living in the desert this year (no goosebumps for us) but hopefully we’ll get to return to the snowy weather we were used to…..in Alaska! Northern lights, the quiet snowfall, and my favorite holiday…Christmas… what’s not to love?

  8. I love Autumn best. I love the chill in the air, the colours of the leaves and the long dark nights – bliss. I detest Summer – my kids say I am a witch – lol ! Congrats on 700 posts – I’m just coming up to 100 and am planning a little giveaway too.

  9. wow 700 posts what an accomplishment!
    My favorite season is the fall.
    Its all about the colors! I love the changing of the colors in the trees….
    and knowing that winter is around the corner.
    Forces us to slow down and nothing is better than hand quilting during a snow storm! Hand quilting on cold days and nights…

  10. Wow.. Catherine – congratulations!!!!! You are indeeed a lady of many talents… May you continue on for many more posts to come… Take care Sharon xxx (Melbourne)

  11. Wow! Everyone came out of the woodworks to post on this one 🙂 I guess they all know what a talented lady you are.

    Let’s see, I have to say that autumn is my favorite season and my favorite part of autumn is the part that we call “indian summer” over here. We get the cold and the frosts and the leaves begin to fall and then if we’re lucky we get a warm spell of a week or two of glorious weather and bright sun and all you need to walk outside is a sweater. The sun shines down through the reds, yellows, oranges and green of the leaves and there is that certain smell in the air that reminds me of turned earth and harvest while nature prepares for winter.


  12. Hello There Cath… Candace has mentioned your blog @ Wraggedypatches so here I am to Say Hello! My absolute Favourite season would have to be Autumn The Colours… The Beautiful Gardening Weather… Woodfire… Tis All Good. Well Done on your 700th Post!!!

  13. My favorite season would be fall. I love how the sun seems to shine brighter, turning all the trees those wonderful red, gold, and burnt orange colors. I love how it is warm during the day and by evening it is cool and brisk. Isn’t mother nature wonderful!

  14. First of all, Congrats on 700 posts! I live where there are four distinct seasons and I truely love them all so it is hard to choose one as a favorite. I would have to say Spring, for the colors and smells after the long winter. The feeling of renewal can be overwhelming and just in time because the winter can drag after awhile. It is so exciting to see those first flowers poke through and it is wonderful to think of the warmer weather to come.

  15. Wow!! Congrats on making it to your 700th! I just hit my 100th and that took me awhile, so you are just amazing!
    I like all of the different seasons, but if I must pick one, it would be summer – lazy days, beaches, rivers, vacations, BBQs, longer days…

  16. 700???? Congratulations.
    Spring is my favorite time of the year. The flowers are in bloom, the air is cool enough to have the doors and windows open. Ahhhh the pollen.

  17. um… oops, i forgot to mention my favorite season. sorry! its a toss up. when i lived up north it was spring because i couldn’t wait to be done with snow. and now that i’m south, i love the fall that heralds a break from the heat.
    sorry! i wasn’t trying to cheat and enter twice!

  18. Well done – 700 posts
    And favourite season – well at the moment I really want a wet season being dairy farmers – we are desperate for rain !!!!

  19. My favorite season is fall, I love the smell, the nip in the air, the knowledge that winter is coming and I can stay inside to quilt, knit or read by the fire. Congratulations on 700 posts…that’s a lot!

  20. My favourite season is Autumn, known as Fall in other parts of the world.
    It is for me a welcome relief from the heat of Summer, we live in a declared bushfire zone meaning we have our power shut down during the very hot days so as to exclude the chance of fires starting.
    So Autumn filled with it’s wonderful colours, the crisp mornings … ahhh bliss ;-))

    After 700 posts maybe you could consider writing a book?? … LOL

    Enjoy your weekend

    Sandy in South Australia

  21. Great job on 700 posts. That really is something! I have been following along with you for a bit, but don’t think I have commented. You little family looks like lots of fun and adventures.
    Let’s see. I have lived in such different climates that it is hard to choose 1 season. Right now, in Boston, I think I love fall the best. The leaves are just stunning, and the weather perfect. In Arizona, I like the winters best. Perfect sweater weather. Congrats again, have a great weekend!

  22. WOW! 700 is unfathomable! I’m at a mere 50 (or so)
    I’m torn between two seasons—-Spring; because nothing is nicer than seeing the last of the snow melting, and days finally start turning “nice” where no coat is needed! But I also enjoy Fall time because that is Marathon season :0)

  23. OOOOOOooooooo! I love the Fall! temps cool down, blazing colors on the trees and quilts shows galore! also in the fall my birthday lands in the month of Oct. congrats on 700 posts! I havent made it to 100 yet, but when I do I will have to have a give away too! (muah) Liz

  24. Congratulations! 700 posts is a fantastic number. I’ve lurked for quite a while but have left the odd comment. Yours is one of the blogs I read regularly and I love it. You seem to fit so much in a day, don’t know how you do it.

    Autumn is my favourite season. We don’t have brilliant summers here but autumn seems to have some lovely mild weeks although the nights get chilly. The colours are wonderful and autumn has a certain smell. When I look at my stash the biggest pile is the autumnal colours!!!

    Congratulations again.


  25. My favorite season is summer where I can let the kids play outside and get their energy out! Congrats on your 700th post and thank you for the giveaway!

  26. Congratulations, what an accomplishment 700 post! Will come back with my cuppa and read some of the older posts. Thanks for the inspiration. Well Done.
    Quilty Hugs

  27. Yes, I’m a lurker, but I’m coming out the shadows for this. I love your blog and appreciate all the inspiration! As a new quilter, I need all the inspiration I can get. Thanks again….

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