A Very Relaxing Weekend

Well my ban on all and any activities outside the confines of our yard worked – well for the most part.  The kids and I went no where and saw no one while Ashley had to pop out a couple of times for bits he needed for the bus but on the whole he was home.

I must admit it was so relaxing. There was nothing major planned, the weekend was perfect weather wise and I managed to get heaps done.

The bed I wanted to mulch is now done.  Lawns are mown – well I probably should say weeds are mown as that’s about all I have left of my lawn.  The back section of the vegie garden which is to be fenced and turned into an extra area for the chooks has been cleared completely.  Weeds burnt (didn’t I have fun with that…vbg), mounds of dirt spread, fence line cleared of wormwood bushes so I can now do the new fence and measurements have been taken for fencing supplies.  Another bed was mulched in the process of cleaning up part of the drive of fallen eucalyptus leaves.  I managed to sit in the sun for a while late Sunday afternoon, under the newly roofed pergola on the swing seat, enjoying a glass of wine or several…vbg.

I even found time to sort out all the BAD blocks I had made into 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inch piles so I can start putting them into quilts.  Elise picked out her birthday block………. March 4……….

which happened to be a 12 inch block – by far the biggest pile – plus 35 other blocks (and there are still more left) so I can make a quilt for her bed.  Talk about an easy way to whip up a quilt.  She put them into the order that she liked and I was given the royal command “Go for it!!!”….vbg.  At least it will be quick to put together.  Photos when it is further along than just numbered piles on my sewing table.

Today I have James home with a bad cold. He ran a temp last night and I had to keep getting up and down to him quite a bit.  It’s not so bad when he tells me he loves me after each “emergency”….vbg.

Some of Ashley’s long awaited parts for the race car arrived this morning and providing the other “link pins” arrive tomorrow and all being well we should be heading for Sea Lake this weekend coming so he can race.  I guess I had better get a few projects together to work on while we are camping.   Elise has exams coming up so I guess she will be hiding on the back bed, MP3 playing, frantically studying.

So now my washing is out drying, the house is clean – no more sticky floors pulling your socks off as you walk on them – bathrooms are scrubbed and even the kitchen is semi organised I think I can safely escape into the sewing room for a bit of play time for me.

I hope your weekend was as good as mine and your week promises to be even better.


One thought on “A Very Relaxing Weekend

  1. Sounds like a hardworking relaxing week-end. I think your family must be like our marines, and get more done before 6:00AM than most people do all day.
    Hope you enjoy your day in your sewing room.

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